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Songs About Money

People have been singing about money for as long as it has existed. Money really gets people feeling in all sorts of ways. Some songs talk about the struggles of not having enough, while others are about the problems that come with having too much. Over time, many songwriters have found it a great subject to explore in their music. 

There are those who believe money is the cause of all bad things and others who feel it is the most important thing in life. No matter what you believe, there are many amazing songs about money.


“Taxman” is a song by the English rock band The Beatles from their 1966 album Revolver. It was written by George Harrison, the group’s lead guitarist, with some lyrical assistance from John Lennon. The song serves as a commentary on the unfair taxation system in the United Kingdom during the 1960s.


“Pink Floyd – Money” is a track from the band’s iconic album “The Dark Side of the Moon”, released in 1973. The song was written by bassist Roger Waters and it is known for its distinctive bassline and sound effects of cash registers and coins.


“Moneytalks” is a song by the legendary rock band AC/DC, featured on their 1990 album “The Razor’s Edge”. Here is what the song is about:

  • The song was inspired by the band’s observations about how much people talk about money. Angus Young, AC/DC’s lead guitarist, noted that “Moneytalks” was based on his experiences touring the world and seeing the influence of money.
  • The lyrics of “Moneytalks” offer a critical view of society’s obsession with money. It describes luxury items like tailored suits and chauffeured cars as symbols of wealth, and it suggests that people are willing to do almost anything for money, even compromising their values.

Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)

The song “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” by Pet Shop Boys, released as a single from their first album “Please” in 1985, narrates from the viewpoint of a man who is persuading someone else to be part of a money-making plan. 

Also, the track gained renewed popularity when it was featured in a Super Bowl commercial in February 2021, leading it to the top of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart.

Money Changes Everything

The rock group The Brains first introduced the song “Money Changes Everything” in 1978. Cyndi Lauper later covered this track for her initial album, “She’s So Unusual,” in 1983, and it was made available as a single in 1984. Cyndi Lauper revisited the song in 2005 with an acoustic rendition that included Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday contributing vocals.

Money for Nothing

The song “Money for Nothing” by the British rock group Dire Straits tells the story of two guys discussing the music videos they see on TV. A lesser-known fact is that Sting lent his voice to the background vocals. 

The two acts joined forces to perform the song at the Live Aid concert in July 1985. The track was a hit, leading the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks.

Rich Girl

The hit song “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates, which topped the charts in 1977, is not actually about a female. Contrary to the common assumption that Patty Hearst inspired the song, it was actually penned by Daryl Hall about a rich male friend of his then-partner, Sara Allen. In an interview with American Songwriter, Hall recounted how Victor Walker, Sara’s college friend, visited their place acting oddly. 

Noting Victor’s family wealth and his involvement in a fast-food business, Hall reflected on how Victor’s father would always cover for his troubles. This inspired the chorus, originally written with ‘he’ pronouns but later changed to ‘Rich Girl’ for a better sound, even though the song remained about Victor.

For the Love of Money

The song “For the Love of Money” by The O’Jays came out in 1973 as part of their album “Ship Ahoy.” It reached the third spot on Billboard’s R&B chart. The title of the song is a nod to a biblical saying that labels money as the cause of all wrongdoing. Over time, the song has remained well-liked, especially recognized as the signature tune for the television series “The Apprentice.


In 1963, both country singer-songwriter Johnny Cash and the legendary Ray Charles released their renditions of the song “Busted.” Originally written by Harlan Howard in 1962, the song tells the story of a farmer who faces financial hardship while trying to support his family. His brother, unfortunately, declines to offer any assistance. The poignant lyrics capture the struggles of everyday life and the challenges of making ends meet. 


What are some popular songs about money?

  • “Money” by Pink Floyd (1973)
  • “For The Love Of Money” by The O’Jays (1973)
  • “Bright Future In Sales” by Fountains Of Wayne (2003)
  • “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA (1976)
  • “Mo Money, Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997)

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Why do artists write songs about money?

Money has been a powerful force in the music industry for ages. Artists often write songs about money because it is a universal topic that resonates with people. Whether they view money positively or negatively, these songs provide insights into human experiences and emotions.

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