How Soon Is Too Soon? Secret Guidelines for Successful Double Texting

double texting

Double texting – The truth is that nobody like chatting on the phone these days. Do you feel anxious even at the thought of picking up the phone? (And the task of reviewing voicemails is far from done.)  There are several rules of double texting that you should know. 

The necessity to establish “rules” for every social norm has led to the development of protocols for texting a new acquaintance since texting has supplanted all other forms of communication in the contemporary world. Let’s discuss everything you should know about double texting.

How Does Double Texting Occur?

Envision yourself texting your new romantic interest. You propose a Saturday night get-together and ask whether they’re interested. After that, you just have to wait. (And hold tight after that.) When your anxiety levels rise, you try to reassure them by adding a single question mark as a follow-up. If you want to know about double texting, then keep reading; you are at the right place. 

There you have it—you’re the epitome of double texting. (Which is usually not a positive thing.)

If you want to know what “double texting” means, it’s sending two or more texts to the same person before they reply. Someone who can’t control themselves and keeps texting until they get a response is seen as demanding, clinging, and lacking in social etiquette. Keep reading to know more about double texting.

Put simply? Texting twice in a row seems…desperate. One way to turn off a new date is to text them twice a row.

Double texting is totally acceptable among the professional relationship specialists at Relish! You may text your coach at any hour of the day or night. Start by taking our free relationship quiz! Our relationship coaching app has won many awards; to get it, click here. A number of things you should know about double texting are listed in this article. 

Double Texting’s “Rules”

Therefore, how exactly is double texting to be done? Do we have any unwritten “rules” to adhere to?

Of course! Some broad rules about double texting are as follows:

1. Before you double-text, consider why you want to.

Could you please explain why you are considering sending a double text? Do you feel anxious or paranoid? The recipient of your message will likely be aware that all your nervousness came out as a duplicate message.

You shouldn’t bother with a double text unless you’re dealing with a “need-to-know” or “resolution” situation. Simply put, don’t send two texts at once if you’re trying to cover your tracks or ask the same question in a different (but still evident) manner.

2. It’s often OK to double-text while exchanging tales.

Nobody enjoys reading a lengthy piece when chatting on the phone. Multiple messages in a row will make the text much simpler to read if you and your new love interest are swapping tales or if your response to their query is lengthy.

3. Sending a double SMS may be done at any moment; there is no “right” time.

“How much time should I give myself before sending a second text?” is a reasonable question to ask. It’s very reasonable to expect a response from someone you’re just starting off a relationship with within a day or two.

Although it may be excruciating for you, providing them a chance is best. Who needs to know them when you’re just starting to know them? Perhaps things became hectic at work or, even worse, a family member passed away. Do your best to provide them the room to respond.

4. The decision to double text is connection specific.

In most people’s eyes, sending two texts at once is rude. On the other hand, the length of time you’ve been dating is a major factor. Maybe it’s OK sometimes to toss in a few if your new romantic interest blatantly double texts all the time.

Therefore, it’s also OK if you’ve been dating for a while and are aware that your partner needs an additional push. Please refrain from sending two separate texts to someone you have just met; doing so will send the wrong message.

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5. If you want a response be blunt.

Be specific! Asking a precise, specific inquiry can get you a better response. Suggest instead of saying, “There’s a fantastic new seafood joint downtown.” “Could you be interested in joining me at 7 PM on Friday to check out that new seafood joint?” Leaving your text vague or unanswered will not guarantee a response.

6. Remember that a lack of reaction does not constitute feedback.

A person’s lack of interest is sometimes the only reason they don’t answer to an SMS. The best course of action is to accept the situation as it is and draw lessons from the experience if you are waiting more than a week for a response. It is actually that easy; if someone wants to reply to you, they will. Hopefully, you have got the answer to the question what is double texting.


Would you admit to sending two texts at once? Although it’s OK in certain contexts, using it when messaging a new person is not a good idea. You should probably go on to someone else if you discover they don’t reply to your messages too often and you’d rather have a more communicative partner.

This is a clear indication that your preferred methods of expression are different. Subsequently, convey your farewell using a two-text message. The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about double texting.

When Is It Appropriate to Text Twice?

Two (count ’em, two) situations are considered perfectly acceptable by experts regarding double texting. The first one is a “need-to-know” situation. For instance, you and your date intended to meet at a nearby coffee shop at 6 p.m., but the establishment is closed when you arrive. Ten minutes have passed since you texted your date about it, and she has yet to respond. It is OK to send a follow-up in such instance. (Remember, you’re alone in a coffee shop parking lot.)

Why some people don’t consider double texting acceptable?

In a “resolution” situation, double-texting is also acceptable. If you and your date had already planned to meet at the beach at 2 PM on Saturday, you may have texted each other in the afternoon on Friday to confirm the meeting. You are still waiting for an answer, even though it is now 11 AM on Saturday. Saying something as basic as, “Looking forward to spending the day at the beach!” Two o’clock in the afternoon, correct?” is a perfect example of a legal double text.