Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme

Druski Hands up Meme

Druski Hands up Meme – If you like funny pictures on the internet, you might have heard of a guy named Druski. He got famous online when many people were staying home because of the lockdown. Now, many people follow him on social media.

Druski is famous for a particular joke. When things are confusing, people often use a meme he made called “Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme.” What is the story behind this meme, and why is it so popular? If you want to know, keep reading as we explore the meme’s details.

More about Druski:

Druski is a funny person on the internet. You can find him on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, and his name on all of these is just “Druski.” His real name is Drew Desbordes, but everyone calls him Druski.

Today, Druski is famous for making people laugh. He hangs out with famous people, too. He started making funny stuff on the internet, and slowly, he became popular.

Now, he has millions of followers, and he still makes funny things for people to enjoy.

The Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme: A Famous Sign by Druski:

Druski became really popular on the internet a few times when some of his posts got super famous. He even became a funny picture or joke that people share, which is what we call a “meme.” One special meme Druski is known for is the ‘Hands Up’ meme, and people use it in different ways.

Where Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme started

In 2021, Druski shared a video on Instagram where he made a specific hand gesture. In this gesture, he lifted both his hands in the air. Some folks say it looks like he is surrendering or acting like he is in trouble.

As soon as he posted that video, it became the starting point for a meme. A meme is like a snapshot of that moment in the video when Druski did that hand thing. This is how the ‘Hands Up’ meme began, and since then, it has been used in many popular social media posts.

How People Use the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme:

People have found different ways to use the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme. For instance, some use it when they feel confused or scared about something.

However, there are also funny ways to use it. Some people use the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme meme to show how it feels when they meet someone new. And sometimes, it is used when people do not understand something complicated.

Because it is used in so many different ways, the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme has become a very flexible choice on the internet. People use it to express themselves or respond to posts or topics in many ways.

There is another meme with Druski. In fact, one of the earliest memes with this internet funny person is from 2020. Back then, Druski was talking live with a rapper on Instagram. While they were live, Druski asked the rapper, “What do you mean by that?”

The video got really famous and spread to places like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. People even made a meme focusing on Druski’s face when he asked the rapper that question.

Many funny pictures on the internet get popular for a while, and then people stop talking about them. However, the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme has stayed popular on social media for the past two years.

Some Questions

What is the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme?

The Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme making a specific hand gesture, and it’s often used in various online contexts.

Where did the Druski ‘Hands up’ Meme originate?

In 2021, Druski posted a video on Instagram where he made the ‘Hands Up’ gesture, and this video became the starting point of the meme.

How is the ‘Hands Up’ meme used?

People use it to express confusion, fear, or humor in response to different situations, like meeting someone new or dealing with complex topics.