Break The Myth: All Birth Control Methods Result To Weight Gain

birth control weight gain

It is the dream of every woman to be a mother, but today every woman wants some time before she goes for it. So, even if you are not planning pregnancy very soon and thinking to prefer some birth control means, it doesn’t mean that you cannot lead a healthy life. With the advancement in the medication world, there have been a lot of birth control methods available at the chemists’ shops to rescue you from the unwanted responsibilities when you are not ready for it. The Patch, The Pill, The Ring, The Implant, The Shot and the IUDs are few of the most prominent birth control techniques that are made keeping your healthiness in mind. There are certain birth control side effect,  nevertheless, there are various birth control myths. Birth control weight gain is famous among them. Here are some contraception and related birth control myths.

Different tactics of birth control show a different impact on the body of every individual and there are certain birth control side effects. Hence you should choose the method and the brand considering what will suit your body in the best and appropriate way and impacts you positively without any future fallout or any birth control side effects.

Speak your heart out: Do you avoid using birth controls courses? Do you think that birth control induces weight to the body? Do you wonder that the reason behind gaining that extra belly and under belly fat is due to the birth control course that you have been taking for a while now? If these questions are haunting you for a long time, then relax and take a deep breath of relief because here we feel very felicitous to break all such myths. Don’t be surprised because yes these are nothing less than birth control myths that almost every woman believes in. But the crystal clear fact is that any birth control method which is a good brand does not lead to increase in weight. You can even take the help of a good doctor too to make a right selection. After all, it is your health that matters the most.

There have been a lot of researchers and studies done in the same regard, and hence it is proved that no birth control contributes to weight gain. All these researchers are based on relevant studies and observations done by a team of medical specialist to neutralize the effect of birth controls on an average basis. This means that the results are derived from a calculative research of its effect on a group of ladies and not on any peculiar individual.

The research that has been done imbibe of following observations:

  • Examining whether the use of birth controls lead to mounting hunger or not.
  • Analyzing the thing; if taking birth control pills regularly leads to bloating and clogging.
  • Comparing hormonal birth control methods with that of other birth control techniques.

And as mentioned above, considering all these observations, it has been proved that they do not cause any increase in weight in a person. But yes, exceptions are always there, and so there is one exception but other than that there is no connection found between the two theories.


Both pros and cons are attached to every birth control technique, notwithstanding the thought that these methods can make you induce pounds of fat and weight because it is nothing greater than a birth control myth.

Don’t you think that everything that gains a belief in this world has some or other base? We do believe this fact too. In this context, if we talk about this birth control myth, it has been spreading its roots since 50 years now. You will be amazed to know that it was around in the 1960s when a birth control pill was sold for the first time and is comprised of more prominent quantities of the two basic hormones namely progestin and estrogen. If compared, the gap in the level of hormones in those pills is nothing less than thousand times to that of the earlier ones. If high dosages of estrogen are ingested in the body, it increases the starving or hunger rate, and this further leads to continuous weight gain. It also restricts the excretion of fluids from the body which thereby results in adding excess fat to the body. So, it is true that birth control has made many women give up on their favourite jeans and their various attires which she used to love the most, but this was the situation 50 years agone. However, nowadays, none of the birth control programs possesses high quantity of either of the two hormones. Thus do not cause any weight gain or fatty addition to the body of a woman. Hence it is proved that this thought is nothing more than birth control myth that used to persist earlier.

In this article we have included the impacts of all kinds of birth control methods which would help you in a great way to understand this thing in a better way, thereby highlighting the truth as to how each birth control tactic works and what all effects it can bequeath on your body.

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The first and foremost kind of birth control that we will discuss here is, IUDs. There are two types of IUDs. One type of IUD does not release any hormone, and the other one possesses progestin but in a very less amount. But none of them cause any difference to the body as their function is effective only within the inner walls of the uterus. And when we say none, it means that even the IUDs that releases hormone does not wallop any other parts of the body. And hence it does not lead to weight gain. The fact is testified through various studies, and it has been leavened via comparison that there is hardly any divergence between weight changes in women who opt for hormone-based IUDs and those who choose any other kind of birth control programs with a non-hormonal base.


Studies show that at least one woman out of 20; choose to get rid of implantation within a small span of time. The reason behind this is nothing else but the outlook and the myth of weight gain being related to implantation because birth control myths don’t die so early. Alike IUDs, implantation also releases a bit of progestin. Nevertheless, the theory is completely faux. Implantation does not have any differentiated effect on the weight of the woman, than those of birth control options that do not discharge hormones. But since this method is comparatively new, we strongly recommend you to concern with a gynaecologist before adopting it. It is always safe to go with the advice of an expert doctor especially when it is about your health.


Birth controls are broadly divided into two categories. The first type is the one that ejects a fusion of both estrogen and progestin whereas the other kind discharges only progestin. However, the quantity of usage of both the hormones differs in different brands of pills. This signifies that the same or slimly unlike kind of progestin is used in varying amounts by different brands to manufacture the birth control pill. This is among one of those medicines which are studied to the highest degree all over the world. Through all those studies it has been testified, that if the correct amount of hormones are used in making the pill, then it cannot add up to the weight of the consumer’s body. But still, the birth control myth persists that retains many women to choose this method of birth control. We understand that differentiation of thoughts is normal and especially when we have people influencing our mind and thoughts. But the choice is yours.

The same birth control myth exists about the ring and the patch as well; because the formulation of both of these methods is similar to that of the pill. However, neither of them cause an increase in weight of the user. So, next time you would not need to think twice before opting for the simplest birth control method with no side effects at all. It is one of the most reliable ways to control birth for the time you want and does not make you gain superfluous fat at all.

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Do you remember, we mentioned about an exception at the beginning of this article? The shot is that one exception among all the birth control techniques that can lead to weight gain. Nevertheless, the fact is that only 1 out of 10 women’s weight may get affected because of this method. Do you ever wish to know that what is the reason behind a woman to gain weight because of shots? Well, it is interesting to know that, young women who already weigh more than the standard weight for an average age group; are more vulnerable to the side effects of the shots. Adding to it, the woman would not instantly get to encounter changes in her body because it takes approximately six months for the changes to get drastic and properly visible to others.

Shots are listed under those methods of birth control which causes a hike in hunger and appetite. Also, in some capacity, they resist the discharge of fluids from the body. So if you are among those ladies who are already dealing with the problem of obesity, then we strongly recommend you to either switch to the brand of shots that will be most suitable for you or change the method of birth control to any of those which has been suggested here. Besides this, your doctor can be the best consultant to help you make the appropriate choice.


Do you curse birth control courses for every hormonal imbalance that occurs in your body? Don’t worry because alike you there are a lot of women, who promptly blame their birth control techniques for every pound they gain. But as you now know that it does not lead to increased weight rather, there could be changes for the short period but does not affect the body of the user permanently. However, your lifestyle plays an important role in balancing the hormones, especially when you are taking birth control measures. So if you are not giving enough attention to your body and not planning your diet chart appropriately, then it is time to seek for some changes instead of blaming your saviour. A correct lifestyle is a reason for a healthy lifestyle!

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Are you the one who eats too often in restaurants or love to party in your favourite hotel every other day? Or are you boozing too rapidly these days? If yes, this could be a matter of serious concern because you might not notice the petty changes, but they can lead to a speedy weight gain.

To prevent getting over weighted, there are certain changes that you would need to induce in your lifestyle and your diet. One of the changes that you should adapt is to; start following a well maintained and balanced diet chart on a regular basis. You need to sternly avoid including refined foods in your daily diet and replace them with ample of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. All the ones which are a great source of vitamins and minerals and have nothing to do with weight increase. This simple switch over is far better and much more effective than following any peculiar diet courses.

To add on, water retention in the body also leads to increase in weight because reducing the quantity of salt consumption let go off the excess water from your body. Hence it can also benefit to counter weight gain. So, take care.


Are you a gym going person on a daily basis? If not, then you cannot entirely blame your birth control pills for gaining those additive kilos. Even if you are a gym person and your routine includes lifting weights, then that this too can be a reason for increasing body mass. Confused with the idea of what to do then? The most preferred solution to this problem is to follow cardiovascular exercise as a regular workout routine. Having cardio every day for minimum 30 minutes will not only burn those extra calories but is also very effective and healthy for the heart.

Birth Control Side Effects:

As discussed earlier as well, all the birth control methods do not have same effects on the body of every lady. It varies with the brand and quantity of hormones induced in them so impacts every woman differently. There are certain birth control side effects. The results are usually effective, but for some, the effects can turn out to be unsuitable as well because exclusions are always there. In such situations, we suggest you to immediately consult your doctor who will either shift you to some another suitable brand or change the current method of birth control that you are using. However, ill-effects and side effects are two different conditions. So don’t take any decision in haste by misinterpreting fall outs with those of ill effects because no matter which brand and whatever method you choose, some of the other side effects to accompany them.

We have enlisted some of the very common birth control side effects. They naturally occur irrespective of what sort of birth control technique you are on. Therefore, knowing and understanding them can be of great use and can prevent you from being panic-stricken. Go through the below mentioned impacts and get ready to make a right decision:

  • Tender breast and irregular bleeding: These are the most common symptoms that are associated with every birth control method especially if you use pills. This is because of the presence of estrogen and progestin hormones.
  • Headaches and Nausea:  Sudden headaches and feeling nauseated at some incidences are also a few common side effects. They are also related to almost all the techniques.
  • Mood swings: Normally, even the slightest hormonal imbalance can cause mood swings. And when two such hormones are released into the body, it undoubtedly leads to mood swings. Sometimes good and sometimes bad!
  • Frequent cravings for food: It is also one of the prominent side effects. It could be the only reason if you feel that you are gaining weight because of birth control. However, it can make you put up weight only up to one or two pounds and not anything as drastic as some 20 to 60 pounds. Also, this change remains for a temporary time and does not permanently affect your body. So there is absolutely nothing that you need to freak out about. Moreover, carry on with your daily exercises too to stay healthy at heart too.

These are few side effects that people go through who adopt birth control techniques. But not to worry; because these effects bother your body for a period which is as short as three months only. They do not permanently affect your body. The best part is that the chances of occurrence of such consequences are very minute. Don’t overthink, at least give a try and analyse yourself. Last but not the least, do not forget to consult a specialist before you step ahead.

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