Enjoy one of the most memorable vacations in Greece: The what and the how


Located in southeastern Europe, the country of Greece has been one of the go-to destinations for travelers worldwide.  The country is rich with picturesque islands, gorgeous landscapes, long coastlines, and insanely rich history and culture. Starting from beautiful architecture to wonderful beaches, from breathtaking natural sites to jaw-dropping monuments, a trip to Greece is simply one of the best vacation experiences you can have. Just book yourself one of the villas in Greece with a private pool and explore the various destinations and attractions to have the most luxurious vacation experiences of your life.

memorable vacations in Greece

When to visit

Due to its location and its endless coastlines, tourists prefer to travel to Greece during the summer months. However, as summer months are considered to be the peak season to visit Greece, traveling to this beautiful country during that period means you will have to encounter a lot of crowds which might ruin the experience for you. Most of the tourist attractions stay packed with people, there are queues everywhere and the beaches stay full. That is why it is actually advisable to avoid Greece during the summers if you want to explore the true beauty of the place.

The weather of Greece stays favorable throughout the whole year, which makes planning a holiday to the country really easy. April, September, and October are considered to be the shoulder months and the low season starts from November and ends in March. The prices are pretty low during this time, which makes the shoulder period the best time to visit Greece.

Where to go



Being the capital of both ancient and modern Greece, Athens is full of landmarks and monuments dating back to the 5th century. A beautiful city is a must-visit place when you travel to Greece due to its beautiful setting, the rich history, and the iconic sites. Starting from the Parthenon to the Temple of Poseidon, Athens will surely take your breath away with the historic attractions it has to offer.



If you are interested in Greek history and mythology, then the Peloponnese region is the place where you have to come. Full of both mythical and archaeological sites, this region will surely blow your mind away. Ancient sites like Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Tiryns, there will be no shortage of things to do when you visit here.



Swaying a bit from the mainland, the largest island of Greece, Crete, is another beautiful place that is full of history. The island is particularly famous for its varied terrain, which ranges from white sand beaches to snowclad mountains. The ancient Minoan civilization used to be one of the inhabitants of this island, which makes this island rich with historical places and monuments.



Another must-visit island when you spend your vacation in Greece is the Santorini Island. Located on the Aegean Sea, the island is really famous among travelers for its iconic whitewashed, cubiform houses. The island has two main towns, Fira and Oia, which hang above an underwater cave clinging from the cliffs. Oia is known for one of the world’s best sunset-views which you have to experience when you are here.


Another really popular Greek island among tourists is the Mykonos Island. It is particularly a must-visit island if you are traveling with your family or your loved one. The prices on this island are not cheap, but the excellent restaurants, the lovely beaches, and the luxurious villas truly make up for it.

Corfu Islands

Corfu Islands

Corfu Islands are extremely popular among both backpackers and luxury tourists. The islands offer insanely great nightlife, breathtaking vistas and excellent beaches. If you like to party and meet new people then you can head to the beach, or if you are looking for some quiet time, you can head inland away from the crowd, where you can find a lot of beautiful places to explore.

What to do

Visit the Acropolis

Visiting the iconic Acropolis Temple in Athens is probably the most obvious thing you must do when you travel to Greece. Being the most iconic and the most important ancient site in the whole of Western Europe, it a place where you can learn and understand the history of Greece and Athens. The Parthenon is the most well-known site of this place. There are also many ruins and ancient sites in the nearby areas which you can explore.

Take a day trip to Delphi

Located near Athens, Delphi is one of the archaeological sites which is most important in regards to Europe’s history. The site is a part of UNESCO World Heritage list. Here you will get the chance of seeing the Temple of Apollo with your own eyes. Also, remember to visit the Delphi Archeological Museum if you are interested in Greek history and mythology.

Go for a hike at Mount Olympus

The most important mountain in Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is a must-visit attraction in Greece. Believed to be the home of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, hiking up Mount Olympus is truly a one of a kind experience. Also, the view that you can see from the top of the mountain is truly breathtaking.

Witness the ancient Olympia

Olympia used to be the ancient ground where the Olympic Games were originally conducted. The games were organized here every four years, for at least one thousand years. This ruin is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Olympic flame is still lit here in the modern days.

Party at the beaches

The beaches of the Greek islands are famous among travelers for its awesome nightlife. Especially the island of Ios is particularly popular for having the wildest nightlife in Greece. So if you are someone who enjoys partying, exploring and enjoying the parties at the Greek beaches is something which you must experience when you are in Greece.