Best Exotic Weed Strains To Try In 2022

exotic weed strains

The use of weeds by countless people goes back a very long. A logical approach to this will give you an idea of ​​how far cannabis has come since it was first discovered. For example, did you know that there are about 779 commercially successful marijuana strains? With the various strains you have smoked, you haven’t even started scratching the surface of what’s underneath. Let’s learn about the exotic weed strains 2022.

The market has grown thanks to well-known stocks such as Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. Cannabis lovers are very familiar with these and many other products, but they are only part of what is available. Knowing all of them would probably be very confusing, as there are too many to list.

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Why are weed varieties exotic?

As any inexperienced marijuana user knows, the limitation of these strains is the “zone of their strength”. But true marijuana enthusiasts know that taste and aroma are the most important factors behind the effect.

Marijuana smoking begins with a physical experience unrelated to the effects of tension. The unique flavor and aroma of the primary puff, and its color, all contribute to its appeal. All of these occur as a result of exceptional genetic traits.

Keeping the common and easily accessible marijuana strains, strains like sherbet weed are great and give a lot. However, there is a unique energy to discover anomalous strains.

Also, if you think you’re a cannabis lover, you should try at least one anomalous strain. Therefore, if your goal is to evaluate some interesting varieties of Exotic Weed Strains 2022, you may consider the following:

Malawi Gold:

Malawi Gold is native to Central Africa and is probably one of the most difficult to obtain. Because of the exceptional tension to lose

Originally from the Salima region of Malawi, she is a pure Sativa stock. The name of her strain comes from its large, bright shoots.

THC levels are as low as only 16%, providing ideal brain height in case of temperament problems, so if you can find it, it’s worth it for a while.

The strain is characterized by a woody, gritty fancy, especially delicious and novel, wonderful citrus undertones.

The strain is characterized by a woody, gritty fancy, especially delicious and novel, wonderful citrus undertones.

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Bodhi Kush:

Like other Kush strains, Baba Kush is known for the specific qualities that make up its characteristics. After smoking, you will feel calm and relaxed. With 27% THC content, this Indica marijuana strain sneaks up on you without warning.

Even the hemp tissue already offers variations of CBD flowers, showing how widely known it is. If you think you can’t handle it, a useful tip is not to take this burden.

If you are unlikely to feel stressed or sleep-deprived, use the force field to sleep for a long time and stay locked on the couch. If you’re looking to spend a lazy day or weekend, Bubble Kush is a perfect tension.

Incredibly calm, spicy yet pleasant aroma, with a pleasant chocolate flavor. These strains have menacing buds that combine dark green and purple shades.

Pinkman Goo:

Pinkman Goo is arguably the most interesting item on this list and has confused marijuana lovers around the world.

If you find her, this Indica strain is probably the most amazing strain you’ve ever found, apart from the history of her fascinating discoveries.

The seeds of this strain were first discovered by a woman behind a cooler box in her family home. She set them up and Pink Mangu appeared that way. Unique from every angle, from shades of pink and purple.

However, the “goo” that made this strain famous is probably its most spectacular and exciting aspect. Produces tar, a pink material similar to “goo”. Sticky tar was found to have about 18% higher THC levels than buds. In general, this new strain has a strong flavor and provides a calm and calm height.

California Dreams:

One of the most vibrant strains ever created is the California Dreams. The hybrid strain has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetic traits, making it an Indica predominant strain. This is a mating between Mexican and Afghan ancestors.

With a whopping 24 percent THC content, the California Dreams have an amazing mood-boosting effect. In addition, smoking marijuana makes you feel at ease, fun, and creative.

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Frisia Duck:

Frisia Duck is a 50/50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa, but above all, she is an absolute master of disguise. Its twisted leaves are deliberately reproduced to hide the fact that it is a marijuana plant.

Given that it seems that it is not the marijuana plant that most of us are familiar with and appreciate, it may be the most thoughtful and colorful strain. This strain has 14 to 17 percent THC and 5 percent CBD. If you need flavorful varieties, Frisia duck is a good choice. It has a pine scent and a spicy taste.

This is an excellent strain for real pain and distress and will give you a temporary boost of calm and clarity without even the slightest hint of lethargy. After trying this tension, you strive to feel energetic and relaxed.


Some of the exotic weed strains of 2022 are worth your time. There are many living varieties. You do not have to choose one of the above. Choosing the best strain is a personal decision that depends on the customer’s temperament, health, and personality.