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Act III: Realm of Fog & Wind now features a new quest titled Sound of Discord as part of the most recent Genshin Impact update. In just this task, gamers should find a “genshin impact suspicious person with package” in Mondstadt who is holding a package. 

When you’re one of the numerous Genshin Impact gamers, who have battled to locate the suspicious individual, look no further since we have a guideline that addresses the topic in the most simple way imaginable!

Players attempting to complete this quest must transfer to the Starfall Valley spot on the map in Mondstadt right away because it is somewhat near the individual of interest. Fans must move east from this one, passing the Mondstadt General Goods Shopkeeper and the Scholar of Alchemy on the left.

How do I find the possible suspect? 

Players have difficulty locating the suspicious man since the programmer has not indicated their place on the map. You ought to be aware that the man isn’t holding a bundle before we demonstrate to you how to look for the person with the suspicious package!

Take these actions:- 

  1. Go to Mondstadt first, then meet Vile there. He will give you a code to mark you as a treasure hunter. 
  1. After you’ve learned the special code, you’ll have to visit the genshin impact suspicious person with the package. 
  • He is located close to the Plaza’s fountain.
  1. When you get there, go to the doorway and search for the unsettling man beside the stairway. 
  1. Come up to him and start a discussion! 
  1. Playing together with him also makes him believe that you are also a hoarder of valuables. 
  1. Talk to him till he starts to think you are one of them. 
  • During the chat, he will bring up Windrose.
  1. Your identity will have to be revealed. The Knights of Favonius will then remove the man. 

That’s what there is to learn about discovering genshin impact suspicious person with the package!

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Following completing the turn above, the NPC is situated on the right, just a few steps forward. Although he doesn’t even have a package in his hands and isn’t the mysterious individual mentioned in this Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Anecdote, he is dressed in a purple top and white slacks. As gamers had to look for the person with the suspicious package, so they could further prove this by taking a closer look at the character’s name because he has been classified as a Suspicious Citizen.

Fans should go back to Vile after that little battle and chat with her to finish the mission and get their prizes. The Festive Anecdotes interface indicates that the prizes are 20 Primogems, 2 Hero’s Wits, and 20,000 Mora.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “genshin impact suspicious person with package”. Also, ways to look for the person with the suspicious package are mentioned above.


Q1) How do I find the suspicious person in Genshin?

Ans- In Mondstadt, the genshin impact suspicious person with the package is situated between the alchemy table and the bar. 

Q2) Who is Genshin’s evil twin? 

Ans- Lumine/Aether 

After reconciling with the Traveler, the twin departs. One of the two main adversaries of the 2020 adventure role-playing fantasy computer game Genshin Impact is Lumine/Aether, also referred to as the Princess/Prince.

Q3) Who was the deity who abducted Lumine? 

Ans- The image surfaced after some individuals tweeted a picture of Paimon and claimed she represented an unidentified god.

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