Grade-A Fashion: 2023 Back-to-School Trends for All Ages


With school season just around the corner, start planning an A-plus wardrobe. After all, you don’t want to get eye rolls simply because you don’t know what’s in fashion these days. Whether you’re headed back to the classroom, or you’re helping your kids do their shopping, these back-to-school fashion trends are sure to keep the school year simple and exciting. 

1. Bermuda Shorts

Comfort is key when you’re in school, given the average school day in the U.S. lasts for about 7.5 hours. The oh-so-classic Bermuda shorts provide comfort thanks to a really flattering length that covers the thighs and a snug fit. The other advantage of the Bermuda shorts is that they come in more styles than just denim or khaki. When the occasion demands it, tuck a button-down shirt into Bermuda to make them look more dressy. Alternatively, team them up with a tank, blazer, and heels, a cami and strappy sandals, or a chunky knit and knee-high boots (in winter).

2. Bright Colors

Bright-colored clothing never goes out of style. Red and orange bring forth happiness, inspire creativity, and express youth. Pick at least five different solid-colored shirts so you can have enough to wear for the school week. 

3. Crocs Shoes

Picking out a pair of shoes for a new school year may be one of the most daunting parts of shopping for back-to-school. It’s tedious and expensive, and the chances of landing a low-quality pair or subpar brand are quite high. Not anymore. Get yourself a pair or two of the classic Crocs (if the school dress code allows them) for only a fraction of the cost. 

This fall, Crocs shoes make the top grade in a host of styles and colors. Think of shining metallic and bright neon colors. Crocs slides update last year’s favorite Crocs sandals. And Crocs clogs are still marching around campus for ladies and gents who are really serious about remaining stylish no matter the occasion or weather. Ultimately, the quality of the Crocs you get will only be as good as where you get them. The Crocs shoes at JD Sports, for example, are of the highest quality because the JD brand is trustworthy, vetted, and top-ranked in the fashion world.

4. Statement Pants

How about pants that shock and sizzle at the same time? Perhaps neon cargo or flared denim? Or pants with checkers, splashes of neon, or animal prints? It’s all about standing out from the crowd this fall—yes, even at school. The trick to making statement pants part of a polished look is to use the right accessories. Try some chunky heels, a long necklace, and a wide-brim hat. When in doubt, keep it simple. Try a plain t-shirt, faux leather jacket, or lightweight chambray shirt.

5. Decorated Backpacks

While school-going kids have always expressed their sense of style in their shoes, hairstyles, socks, or fashion accessories, they are slowly outgrowing that trend. In 2023, they will be navigating toward backpacks. Particularly as kids enter middle school, they tend to want to steer clear of ‘little kid’ designs and prefer something solid in a color that can act as a canvas of sorts. Backpacks fit that description pretty well. Having the bag monogrammed with an emblem or their initials, or adding pins or stickers, is a fun way to express their sense of style and individuality.

Express Your Originality with Confidence This School Year

As you gear up for back-to-school shopping , whether for yourself or your children, keep this guide in mind throughout the process. 2023 is the year to truly have fun while remaining authentic and expressive. Step up and be counted!