Worst Neighborhoods In Toronto


Worst Neighborhood in Toronto: Undoubtedly, Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is one of Canada’s best and most developed cities. Apart from all the best sides of Toronto, there are worst neighborhoods in Toronto where you experience some sort of violence and crime.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is also a metropolitan city where you should know about the city of Toronto and its worst neighborhood. 

This article will discuss a comprehensive list of the worst neighborhoods in Toronto.

We should not neglect that every city has some good and bad things, although Toronto is a safe city to live in. Let us see the list of cities one by one:

List of Worst Neighborhoods in Toronto

The list of worst neighborhoods in Toronto described below is an example of a high number of incidents. If those incidents are compared to other cities like New York, you will see that New York’s neighbors are safer than Toronto.

If you are already living in the below-mentioned towns or you are planning to move there, then it is important to be aware of the crimes, violence, and bad areas.

These areas are based on the rate of violence and crimes happening in the past years. Let us get into it:

James Town

St James Town is located between Sherbourne Street and Parliament Street. It is the largest high-rise community and one of the densely populated areas in Canada.

Once, this town was one of the voguish cities with high crime rates in Toronto, but gradually things changed; now, it is one of the poorest towns in Toronto.   

Robbery, theft, and sometimes murder is this town’s crime-related activities. The average crime rate of St James Town is 24.97/1000 properties and 10.44/1000 people.

Flemingdon Park

Flemingdon, another worst neighborhood in Toronto, is situated in the former city of North York. 

The Don River borders it from the South, East, and West, and Eglinton Avenue from the North. 

Although there are good amenities like several single-family homes, apartments, and commercial offices, crime rates are not an exception here. The small space between the apartments where people would live is the biggest crime spot. Besides, there is no business in that area where people can engage, and it is the biggest reason for crime in any area.

Also, some of the high schools in Toronto have reported the highest number of violence and crime.

The average crime rate of Flemingdon park is 6/1000 properties and 4.19/1000 people.

These crimes are because of the weak security force in this area. Therefore, if you are planning to shift here, be aware of the security first, whether it be your home, school, or street.


It is located in the former city of North York. Recently, it was named the Town of Weston.  

Weston has single-family apartments, towers, and many streets like John Street, Church Street, and King Street. 

Due to a large number of streets, a number of crimes are categorized according to region or street. The average crime rates are:

Lawrence Avenue7.4933.72
Humber River9.3511.19
Roman Way Crescent10.4514.92
Clouston Avenue16.0829.14

Moss Park

Moss Park is located south of Dundas Street, between Jarvis Street and Parliament Street.

This area has a high crime record and ranks one in terms of violence and crime. The average crime rate is 20.81/1000 people and 45.5/1000 properties.

The Beaches

Beach is one of Toronto’s neighborhoods, situated east of Queen Street. It is known for its beach, commercial district, and single-family apartments. 

The average crime rates of the town are approximately equal and stand at around 7.8/1000.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is situated near Casa Loma near Toronto. It shares its borders with Bathurst street in the west, St. Clair Avenue in the East, Spadina road in the East, and Railway Tracks in the South.

The average crime rate of the area is 5.9 per 1000 people and 29.23 per 1000 properties.


It is situated on the East of High Park and shares its border with Bloor Street from the North, park-side drive from the West, Queen Street from the south, and Sorauren Avenue in the East.

Roncesvalles is listed as the town with the highest rate of property crime. People’s crime in this region is comparatively low.

The average crime rate in the North-western region is 4.4/1000 people and 19.15/1000 against the property. 

Whereas the average crime rate of the southern region is 5.85/1000 people and 14.69/1000 against properties.

The North-Eastern region has an average crime rate of 6.9/1000 people and 43.3/1000 against properties.

Although this area has surveillance cameras, not every part of the town results in the statistics. 

Bay Street Corridor

Bay street corridor, also called Bay clover hill, is situated along Bay Street. It is one of the Toronto Downtown neighborhoods located in the downtown area, making it rich in stores, bars, and restaurants.

Although Bay street has a number of office towers, apartments, and condominiums, crime rates make it the worst neighborhood in Toronto. Different places on Bay Street have different rates of crime. The summarized details are given below:

Area bordered byPeople CrimeProperty crime
Bloor street, Queen’s park Avenue, Yonge Street, and College Street4/100012.51/1000
College Street, university Avenue, Queen Street, and Yonge Street4.35/100026.08/1000
Yonge Street, Front Street, Queen Street and , University Avenue1.07/10006.81/1000

Little Portugal

Sometimes it is referred to as the Old Toronto, located west of Toronto. The summarized list of crime rates in this town is discussed below:

Area bordered byPeople’s crime/1000Property crime/1000
Lansdowne, Dundas, Brock, and College8.6923.22
Lansdowne, Railway tracks, Dundas, and Dufferin11.2227.25
Ossington, Dundas, Dovercourt Road, and Queen6.0224.09
Dufferin, Dundas, Dovercourt, and Queen8.482.48


Annex is situated in Downtown Toronto, between Dupont Street and Bloor Street. It is located near the Toronto University Campus; therefore, many local and international students stay here. Annex is a highly

 populated town and one of worst neighborhoods in Toronto with some level of violence and crimes.

The average crime rate is 8.16/1000 people and 23.75/1000 properties.

Toronto Neighborhood Map

Toronto is made up of 140 neighborhoods and 44 wards. The given map would be useful in finding your way around GTA(Greater Toronto Area):

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can you describe the Toronto Crime Rate?

Homicide rates in Toronto started to increase in 2016 until the major Canadian cities experienced the highest homicide rate in 2018. In that year only, the homicide rate surpassed the rate of New York City

What are the best neighborhoods in Toronto?

Although Toronto is a safe city to live in, several towns are known for their crime spots. If you decide to move to Toronto, you should know the safest place in Toronto to live. Some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto are given below:

  • Yorkville
  • The Distillery Historic District
  • Old Town
  • The entertainment district
  • Kensington Market
  • Chinatown
  • AGO District
  • Liberty Village
  • Queen West
  • King West

What are the best suburbs in Toronto?

Although the price of the property in Toronto is high, I can make a huge profit by buying a property. There are some Toronto suburbs where the price of houses is quite low. Besides, you will get a range of amenities to make your living comfortable. Here are some of the best suburbs in Toronto:

  • Eglinton West
  • Pickering
  • Markham
  •  Oakville
  • Vaughan
  • Etobicoke
  • Brampton

Final Words

Given are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Toronto. Though there is a long list of such neighbors, these are the most viral towns in Toronto. As you see, the main factor that makes Toronto the worst neighborhood city is the Crime Rate. Based on the quality of surveillance, security, change in government laws, and many more. Therefore, these values and data may not always be true.

We hope you like this article. For more information, stay tuned with us.