Harry Styles Vogue Shoot Cover For December

harry styles vogue shoot

Harry styles vogue shoot – Harry Styles creates history as the first guy to secure an American Vogue shoot cover by himself. The singer, age 26, joins fellow musicians Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber as three of the few men to appear on the cover of Vogue since the magazine’s founding in 1892. 

Tyler Mitchell gets the privilege of capturing Styles during this historic moment. For the gender-neutral photoshoot, Mitchell collaborates with fashion editor Camilla Nickerson and wears both men’s and women’s apparel. 

For the fashion spread, Styles goes outside while sporting daring ensembles from designers like Maison Margiela and Gucci. Not surprisingly, Styles is wearing Gucci. He is, after all, a brand ambassador and good friends with Alessandro Michele, the label’s creative director.

In his interview with the publication, Styles recalled some of his earliest encounters with fashion. He recalled, “As a kid, I liked the fancy dress. Since I was so young, I wore tights to the play. I recall thinking it was absurd that I was donning a pair of tights. And perhaps that was the beginning of it all! The Watermelon Sugar singer asserts, “you can never be overdressed…there’s no such thing.” Styles says, “Now, I like playing dress-up in general.

Additionally, there are countless alternatives when it comes to music and dress. Styles explains, “The musicians I admired, like Prince, David Bowie, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Elton John, are such showmen. 

It was simply mind-blowing to me as a child. I’m going to put something on right now that feels quite striking, and I don’t feel weird doing it. If you find something that makes you feel amazing, it’s like a superhero outfit. The purpose of clothing is to have fun, experiment, and play.

Styles believes that gender stereotypes have no place in fashion. “When you remove any barriers, such as ‘There are clothes for men, and there are clothes for women,’ obviously you open up the field where you may play,” says Styles. 

When I visit stores, I occasionally admire women’s clothing and think it is beautiful. Like anything else, you only restrict yourself when erecting obstacles in your own life. Playing with clothes may be quite enjoyable. I’ve always given it little thought; it becomes an extra step in making something.

Harry Styles appears in the pages of American Vogue wearing a Gucci frock and tuxedo jacket. Styles are captured in a clever mirroring of Gucci’s vintage-inspired kitsch and the lovely outdoors by Tyler Mitchell for the feature.

Harry Styles poses on the ground for a Vogue shoot while sporting a Gucci overcoat, shirt, and pants. Tyler Mitchell takes pictures of Harry Styles while the sun casts amusing shadows. Styles poses on the grass for Vogue while donning a Gucci overcoat, a shirt, and pants.

Tyler Mitchell takes a striking full-length portrait of Harry Styles by posing him in front of a vivid red backdrop. Styles reveals his tattoos and a pair of custom corduroy pants by Emily Adams Bode while going shirtless for Vogue.

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