How Candles Can Make Your Life Better


Candles have been illuminating the celebration of humanity for more than 1000 years now. Candles have been a source of light for ages now. The advantages of candles have successfully evolved in the past many years. Candles have matured right from being the source of light to one of the crucial elements of decoration in most celebrations. It is mostly written that the ancient Egyptians were the people who initially started using torches, mostly known as rushlights, which had no wick like a real candle.

The proper wick candles were introduced in the 19th Century around the 1850s when people learned the art of separating the waxy substance from petroleum and further refined it. Hereafter, the invention of electricity and light bulbs the ratio of candle making declined rigorously.

Although today candles may not be the initial or the essential source of light for humanity, it didn’t cease to gain popularity in other aspects for humankind. Today we can see that candles have marked their significance for celebrations, romance, calm, soothing the sense, various ceremonies as well as home décor.

Candles bring a whole new look to the ambiance and setting of any place. It is indeed strange how candles can make your life better, with just those soft flickering of the candlelight.

Listed below are some benefits of burning candles.

Beauty to the Ambiance and the Atmosphere

Despite not being the primary source of light today, the candle still lights up the entire ambiance with its presence. Lighting it in your house at the right place can do wonders for your home.

Increasing Focus

Although placing candles in your workplace or desk precisely doesn’t need an excuse, but still, if you want one, here it is: Candles can actually increase your focus and thus help you work better.

Your Health

You will be amazed to know how candles can change your life. Burning candles give better health. The most important part of a healthy life is self-care, and the first step in self-care is taking good care of your mind. Lighting candles in your environment would calm your account, your nerves and soothe your sense of wellbeing. If you are ever enveloped by anxiety or fear, burning candles could be of help for you.

Positive Memories

Emotions and memories can be easily triggered by particular scents. It can also provide a feeling of happiness if it resembles a good time. As per Psychology Today, there are several behavioral studies that state that scents are more likely to trigger strong emotional memories and can easily change an individual’s mood if they are feeling low. Be it sadness, grief, or just a bad day, lighting candles can easily lift up your spirit by reminiscing the better times.

Peaceful Sleep

It’s been seen that the use of any electronic right before sleeping can disrupt your sleep hygiene, which in turn would provide adverse health effects in the long run. The blue light emitted from the screens reduces the magnesium level in your body, thus making you feel more tired and more anxious. This can be easily avoided by switching off the lights early and living in candlelight. From the various benefits of burning candles, one is that candles can actually calm yourself and reset your natural and peaceful sleep rhythm. Also, spending time in candlelight, advisably during the evening, can allow you to be more mindful of your actions and your thoughts. This efficiently answers the question ‘how candles can change your life?’

Prayer and Meditation 

Meditation is a beautiful way to improve your mental and physical health. Adding soft flickering candlelight to this practice can more effective. There are several exercises involving focusing on a burning flame while sending messages from your body to the universe. Also, candles are at many places used during prayers by various people. It is also considered sacred by some.

Candles can make your life beautiful. The above stated are just some handful of advantages of candles. Now that you have known the advantages of candles, make sure you use soy candles over others, know why!