How Old Is Albedo Genshin Impact


How old is albedo genshin impact:

The characters in Genshin Impact come from all walks of life.Everything you need to know about them, including their birthdays, age, and height, can be found here!

Gamers can fall in love with a diverse cast of characters in Genshin Impact.In addition to unique abilities and skills, each of them has its own unique narrative.Since the game’s release, new characters have been added to the roster.Through activities and the Genshin Impact manga, the lore of the game now has more information about the characters’ upbringing.

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What is Amber’s age?

Age: 10 August18 inchesShe stands 5’4″ and is the only surviving Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. No matter how small the task, she is always willing to help the people of Mondstadt.

What is Arataki Itto’s age?

1 June Age:24 InchesAlthough It appears to be “mean and overbearing,” despite his 6’4″ height, he has a kind heart.When it’s possible, he tends to start fights with Kujou Sara.Despite his low intelligence, he is willing to work hard when asked to.His pranks make the Tenryou Commission members laugh, but his gang and the majority of city residents generally like him.

What is Baizhu’s age?

When the Traveler and Zhongli return to Qiqi empty-handed, they inform Baizhu that they have failed to locate the fabled adepti beast known as the “coco goat.” Baizhu is a part of a mission.The proprietor of Bubu Pharmacy is Baizhu.

How old is Barbara?

July 5 Year:16 to 18 inchesShe is now the deaconess of the Church of Favonius and a self-described “idol” due to her encounter with Alice. She is 5’2″She is the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Seamus Pegg and is Jean’s younger sister.Through her mother, Frederika, she is descended from the illustrious Gunnhildr Clan.

What is Beidou’s age?

14 February Age:21-27 InchesShe is the captain of The Crux, a well-known and respected ship. She is 5 ‘6 “ tall.She is favored by the people of Liyue for more reasons than just her strength and leadership abilities;she’s likewise known for her valor with regards to the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing (Ningguang).

What is Bennett’s age?

29 February Age:16-17 Inches 5’4″

His horrible karma has made Bennett get through too much hardships, yet he is as yet a functioning individual from the Swashbuckler’s Organization.His enthusiasm for traveling the world is infectious, in addition to being cheerful and well-mannered.Notwithstanding the long and agonizing times of sick karma, he is additionally creative, having concocted numerous answers for the difficulties he meets while investigating.

What is Chongyun’s age?

Age on September 7:18 to 20 InchesChongyun is a Liyue-based exorcist who stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. He was born with a lot of yang (positive) energy, which is both good and bad.He does exorcism easily, but that doesn’t mean he’s ever seen a spirit;Before he ever gets close enough to see them, they leave.This made him more susceptible to heat and strong emotions, and the results have been surprising.

What is Collei’s age?

May 8 Year:15 to 16 inches 5’4″ Collie was already ill when she was born.Barnabas, a seer, was begged to assist her anxious parents.He tells them that she had been touched by a deev, an entity from another world.He then reassures them that if they surrender their child to him, he would save their daughter.Collei was then taken by Barnabas and the Fatui, who used her in their Archon Residue experiment under the direction of Harbinger Dottore rather than protecting her.

What is Cyno’s age?

Age: TBA 18-20 inches tall: –

Cyno is an academic from Sumeru Academia who prefers to keep things simple and secret for the most part. He is reserved and secretive.He seems calm and collected because of his directness and stoicism.

What is Dainsleif’s age?

Dainsleif appears to be able to recall the circumstances surrounding Khaenri’ah’s downfall, despite the fact that he claims that his memory has “almost faded.”Only Andrius and Dvalin, the Wolf King and the Dragon of the East, are two examples of the myths he can recall about Mondstadt’s past.

What is Diluc’s age?

30 April Age:22 Inches 6’1″ When Diluc was younger, he had ideals of a perfect young man who was dedicated to his work with the Knights of Favonius.Diluc lost faith in the Knights and left the organization when Inspector Eroch told him to use a delusion to cover up his father’s death.Even after Eroch was kicked out of the Knights for betraying their cause, his hatred of them persists.He complains that the Knights take too long to complete the task, but he acknowledges those who put in the work, like Lisa and Jean.

What is Diona’s age?

18 January Age:12 InchesDraff, Diona’s tall father, claims that she is currently going through a phase of rebellion.Diona used to look up to her father because of how much she liked him and how much she respected him. But when she saw how drunk he was, it broke her childhood and made her hate alcohol all her life.She despises all alcoholics, with the exception of Lisa and Eula.

What is Dori’s age?

Dori is referred to as a Sumeru-based “resourceful” merchant.Because she is able to provide her customers with anything they require, she is regarded as resourceful.You can rely on Dori to provide you with what you need, regardless of whether it is something that no one has ever heard of.However, Dori’s prices aren’t cheap because of her “resourcefulness.”Also, she is not the kind of merchant with whom you can bargain on prices.It’s either take it or leave it with Dori—at her cost, of course.

What is Dottore’s age?

Dottore’s harsh scientific theories and experiments aimed at creating “enhanced humans” capable of transcending even the gods might lead an enraged crowd to drive him out of his birthplace.Even after he was accepted, the students of Sumeru Academia avoided him.Dottore, on the other hand, made it a point to try to avoid being kicked out of school because he wanted “an environment conducive to research.”

What is Eula’s age?

25 October Age:22-25 InchesEula is 5’8″ and a member of the Lawrence Clan, which has since been disbanded. When she was growing up in the city, it was common knowledge that the Lawrence Clan ruled over Mondstadt.She doesn’t want people who think of her as just another member of her family.She knows that taking “vengeance” on those who have wronged her is the only way to preserve the reputation of her family.

What is Fischl’s age?

27 May Age:16 inchesFischl, who is 5’0″ tall and has been a fan of fairy tales since she was a child, pretends to be a kind princess in her spare time.Her polite and formal demeanor baffles those who interact with her.When people are unsure of what she is saying, Oz ends up interpreting most of her words.She has become so accustomed to speaking in this manner that breaking character is equally as confusing as staying in character.

What is Yaoyao’s age?

Like other young people, Yaoyao enjoys playing.She frequently goes to Liyue Harbor with the crew of The Crux to play with them before they set sail.The team has encountered some difficulties as a result of the charge that the Ministry of Civil Affairs placed on Ganyu to stop her from sneaking aboard their ship.She has also stopped eating fruits and vegetables and has developed a taste for seafood.

What is Yelan’s age?

Yelan’s name has been mentioned in Genshin Impact leaks, which suggests that she might appear in the upcoming updates.Before version 2.6, numerous leaks have been made of her in-game model.However, there is currently no information regarding her abilities, so it is unknown whether or not she will be a part of the playable cast.

What is Yoimiya’s age?

21 June Age:20-23 Inches 5’3″

Individuals in Inazuma City love Yoimiya and her family due to the fantastic shows they generally put on.Yumiya is similar to her father in that she prioritizes the satisfaction of her customers when it comes to the family business.It has a large, devoted clientele who are eager to assist her with any issues she might be experiencing.She is liked by children because she is approachable and hands-on with them.She wants to cheer up the kids so they don’t have to deal with the hard reality of Inazuma right now.

What is Yun Jin’s age?

21 May Age:18 to 20 Inches 5’1″ It is common knowledge in Liyue that Yun Jin is a talented director, playwright, and singer who takes great care to ensure that everyone who attends her performances is satisfied. She also enjoys her passion.She is well-known for her welcoming and polished demeanor when conversing privately, despite her polished and graceful demeanor when in a formal setting.She enjoys drinking a wide variety of alcoholic beverages as a hobby, and she can play off of each one.

What is Zhongli’s age?

31st December Age:Over 6,000 InchesZhongli, who is 6 ‘1” tall, is a quiet, reserved, and polite man who exudes a sense of nostalgia.He knows a lot about Liyue’s past and customs from being the Geo Archon. He also knows about the events and memories that come with being one of Teyvat’s oldest gods, like Venti.Even the traditions that have been lost or tainted over time are important to Liyue.

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