How To Hire The Right Dog Walker For Your Pup

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It is hard to make sure your dog gets enough exercise with our lives being as busy as they are. It’s sad to think of the dogs that are left home alone all day and aren’t able to socialize or get enough active time in.

Which is why we rely so heavily on dog walkers. They are the ones that can make sure our pup is out there with some new buddies and getting enough exercise. It may not be ideal, but it works out pretty well for your dog. You’ve spent a lot of time taking care of him and getting him trained that it would be a shame for him to stay home alone.

But, finding the right person is tricky. You want somebody that you trust and that will take good care of your fur baby. In this article, I will go over several ways that you can make sure that you have the right dog walker.

1 – Use smart locks

Giving your key to somebody you don’t really know takes a big leap of faith. Even when they have the right qualifications and references, it is something that should not be taken lightly.

First, they could simply lose the key and that would cause a lot of problems in itself. But, they also could use it for entering the house when you aren’t home. Or give it away to somebody that you don’t know.

Smart locks solve this problem as they can be opened remotely. A home alarm system these days usually comes with a smart lock and even a camera that connects to your devices through an app. This way you can see when they come, that they are alone and you can open the door for them. Then simply lock it behind them when they leave.

2 – Understand your dog first

There are lots of different ways that dog walkers operate so when you know what your dog needs then you can find the right one easier. For instance, if your dog is best when he is alone and not with other dogs, then you don’t want to settle on one that walks multiple dogs at the same time. If they are older and less able to go for long walks, then finding one that is available for short walks around the neighborhood is the way to go.

You’ll need to be very clear about your dog’s needs as some aren’t willing to walk one dog alone or to take shorter walks. It may be hard for them to schedule their day to make enough money by doing so.

3 – Get a professional

You may be tempted to go with your local high school student neighbor but this isn’t a great idea. A professional knows how to deal with dogs, is equipped with the tools to handle many situations and should also be insured.

It will definitely cost you more to hire a pro, but it will pay off in the long run. If you go for a non professional, then you are asking for an accident or somebody who isn’t equipped to handle some of the challenges that come from working with animals.

And if something were to happen they wouldn’t have any insurance, either. This could spell trouble for you if a lawsuit is likely.

4 – Use the same on

You may need to search for the right person for the job and go through several dog walkers before you find the right one. But, when you do, stick with that person. It is a good thing to have your dog get used to the same person and not need to get used to a new person often.