how old is tanjiro

HOW OLD IS TANJIRO – What do you believe the plot of the anime and manga for Demon Slayer is? That is correct! Eliminating those bothersome devils!

Tanjiro Kamado, the younger sibling of Nezuko, the genuine star, is one of the shortest Demon Slayers to have ever defeated demons. 

It was his responsibility as a loving brother to figure out how to get his sister back to her human form. (At the start of this Demon Slayer series, a demon assaulted her and turned her.)

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Tanjiro’s Age, Goals, and Life

No matter what name you like to call him—Child of The illumination, Sumiko (lol), or the King of Demons—Tanjiro represents a hashira-level demons slayer deserving of respect for his grit and commitment; the list of combat victories this youngster has amassed is quite astounding.

Parents Tanjuro or Kie, his show-starring sister Nezuko, with a slew of other erratic Kamado siblings, make up the family of this formidable Demon Slayer Corps member. His wife KanaoTsuyuri also enters the picture somewhat later.

Tanjiro and Nezuko bear an eerie family resemblance.

What is the birthday of Tanjiro?

The 14th of July is Tanjiro’s birthday.

The Kimetsu no Yaiba series’ official Twitter account provides the actual birthdate information. 

I feel like mentioning that Tanjiro is now a Cancer to get more hate mail. Use the fact however you see fit. 

Physical stats of Tanjiro’s

The protagonist who battles demons is 5’5″ and weighs 134 pounds. His sister’s visage is similar to his, and his hair is black.

He is skilled in both Sun Breathing and Water Breathing techniques and using a blade.

The noble (though vengeful) objectives of Tanjiro

The qualities of Tanjiro Kamado are kindness, tenacity, integrity, and empathy.

Tanjiro should be your choice if you have to choose a close companion from Demon Slayer. I apologize, Zenitsu. To cast the wackiest anime hair contest, we’ll give you a call.)

Despite his friendly demeanour, this sweet and nice child is very angry. 

He pledged to avenge his family’s deaths and to discover a means to restore Nezuko’s humanity after witnessing Muzan, the very first Demon, 

transform his sister into a monster and kill his entire family. Also he accomplished this. Dang.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What about Tanjiro’s wife?

Ans. Tanjiro and his pals and sister go home after the battle. He wed Kanao Tsuyuri, a fellow slayer; it is later discovered. Sumihiko Kamado & Kanata Kamado are the names of descendants of Tanjiro and Kanao who live in the modern era.

Q2) How old is Tanjiro?

Ans. In the manga Demon Slayer’s first chapter, he is a year younger than we are when we first meet him. By the time you finish chapter 204, Tanjiro is old enough to drive, having reached the age of 16.

Q3) What sort of Demon is Tanjiro?

Ans. Tanjiro’s brief stint as a demon does turn him evil in the Demon Slayer manga’s concluding Sunrise Countdown arc. He mercilessly attacks his erstwhile Hashira friends and his back sprouts tentacles that tear the people behind him to bits.