HOW TO BREAK THE TAIL SEAL – Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact can only be unlocked by finishing the Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest, which is part of the criteria. Gamers must gather Spirit Pearls at several sites across Watatsumi Island, Inazuma, and even during missions. ‘Genshin break the tail seal’ has been one of the assignments, as well as a site located southwest of Borough Village. Because of the game’s numerous systems, newcomers could be perplexed about how to finish the objective. In that scenario, viewers can keep on reading to learn “How to break the tail seal” in Genshin Impact.

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Break the seal over the shrine!

The shrine southwest of Bourou Village is where you can pick up the Spirits Pearl, the last mission item necessary for completing the Watatsumi assignments. Once you arrive at the location, you should first engage in combat with the Fatui adversaries in the vicinity of the shrine before studying the stone slab.

To confront Fatui enemies, you need only summon an Electrogranum and spark six stone lamps around the shrine. There seems to be a location where you can call an Electrogranum before going up the steps to the shrine. The shrine houses the Tail Seal, something you must crack.

Then, the stone lights and pillars leading toward the shrine should be lit. By pressing them before the electrogram disappears, this is achieved. You must face the Fatui ambush once every one of the pillars has been energized. Revert to the shrine after that to get your prize and finish the Tails of Watatsumi.

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How to break the tail seal?

  • First and foremost, be certain to begin the task by speaking with Tsuyuko in Mount Shrine is to break the seal over the shrine, which is located northwest of said Statue of the Seven. Following the chat, the mission would indicate four places where the Tourist must go to break the seal over the shrine.
  • On the southern side of Borough Village resides one of the places above. Finding this region won’t be an issue since you can stick to the quest route.
  • You will see Fatui adversaries there protecting a closed shrine. Before trying to solve the riddle/genshin, break the tail seal, and eliminate the enemies first. Once every adversary has been eliminated, you can begin the mission by interacting with the stone slab next to the shrine.
  • To solve the riddle, you must conjure an Electrogranum from a Thunder Sakura Bough close to that same shrine. Then, please walk up to 6 electric lamps and connect with Electroganum your character is carrying to illuminate them.
  • Following the illumination of all 6 Electric Lamps, the seal enclosing the shrine will be broken. Sadly, numerous Fatui foes will erupt to obstruct your path before you can take the Spirits’ Pearl from that shrine or break the seal over the shrine.
  • Throughout this phase, you must be up against the Fatui Skirmisher – Pyroslinger Bracer, Cryogunner Legionnaire, and Hydrogunner Legionnaire. To eliminate them more quickly, remember to send out your strongest team.

NOTE- It should be noted that completing the “Tail of Watatsumi” would not bring the Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest to an end. To accomplish the main objective, gamers must gather three more Spirit Pearls from different locations.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you detailed information about “How to break the tail seal”. I hope you got a clear idea to break the seal over the shrine/ genshin break the seal.