Best Acne Laser Treatment Guide for You!


Acne is a chronic and inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples, especially on your face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, and nodules all are considered as different forms of acne. Although acne can come up at any stage of life, it commonly occurs during puberty when the sebaceous glands are activated. Factors causing acne include genetics, anxiety and stress, menstrual cycle, using oil-based makeup, hot and humid climates, and squeezing pimples.

It is not incurable or fatal, but it can leave scars, and the laser treatment for acne scars depends on how severe and persistent they are. Acne scarring can range from pale surface-level blemishes to deep red or purple scars that are pitted and also known as “ice-pick scars.” Fortunately, today there are a variety of treatments, especially the acne laser treatment that can significantly improve your skin’s texture and diminish the acne scarring on your face and other body parts.

Cure acne problems with the help the below-mentioned laser treatment for acne scars:

Laser Resurfacing

With laser resurfacing, the light waves are used to destroy the outer layer of damaged skin because of acne. This leads to the development of new skin cells in that area. Over some time, a marked reduction in acne scars and an improved texture can be seen on the skin. Some other options include the Active FX, Deep FX, Scar FX, and Total FX laser treatments. These different options use different types of lasers and are apt for some instances. Whereas some forms of this procedure are more useful for an area with darker pigmentation, others are suitable for specific depths of acne pitting. 

Laser resurfacing is one of the acne solutions that require some downtime as the laser burns off the top layer of skin takes longer to heal. The new skin is typically revived within ten days, but in some cases, it may also take up to 18 months to achieve normal pigmentation and heal completely. The cost of this acne laser treatment depends on the experience of the dermatologists and their reputation. 


This treatment works by using a laser light source for kindling the skin’s production of collagen. Because of this treatment providing acne solutions, small and superficial wounds on the skin’s surface are created, which then activates the body’s natural response to heal itself, thereby producing new and smoother tissue. This treatment does not remove any layer of the skin, and so there is no downtime and no recovery period. The results of this laser light source treatment can be visible after a series of regular treatments. 

Chemical Peels

During the chemical peel treatment, the outer layers of the scarred skin are removed, which then stimulates the growth of new skin cells. To cure acne problems, this methodology is highly recommended. A particular chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes the skin to blister and then peels over the passage of several days. But when the skin regrows after some days, it is way smoother and younger-looking. The appearance of acne scars is also significantly reduced. The downtime of this treatment depends on the type of chemicals used on your skin. 

Photodynamic Therapy

This therapy is excellent for treating your acne, acne scars, minimize the pores, and reduce the size of the oil glands. It uses light and a photosensitizing agent to recover the appearance of your damaged skin.

If you’ve been suffering from persistent acne scars that are negatively affecting your quality of life, then it is recommended that you get it treated with the most suitable acne and acne scars treatment option. Factors to consider before you opt for the best treatment are:

-The degree and severity of your scarring

-The pigmentation of your skin

-The sensitivity level of your skin

-Type of scars: whether they are smooth or pitted

-The presence of any currently active acne

-Your medical history and current medications that you are taking

-Any allergies that you may have

After getting treated, the rest is up to you to take care of your acne-prone skin regularly and seek treatment for brighter and more youthful skin. To explore home remedies for the same, click here!