How To Evolve Pichu Arceus?

Evolve Pichu Arceus

How to evolve Pichu arceus – Catching Pichu in Pokemon legends Arceus is not as easy as other pokemon. In order to catch a Pichu in Pokemon Legends Arceus the trainer will have to walk up close to the Pokemon to start battling, unlike a random encounter system.

You can spot the common pokemon anywhere however rare pokemon like Pichu you need to go to a specific place at a specific timeline. 

If you want to learn how to catch a Pichu and how to evolve a Pichu Arceus in Pokemon legends, then keep reading this post.

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How to Catch Pichu?

To catch a Pichu in Obsidian Fieldlands you can visit different locations. One is situated at the far right of Fieldlands Camp/ Aspiration Hill, where you can find it for the first time. You can only find Picku in the daytime, increasing confusion. 

Trainers can rewind the clock time by talking to a Fieldlands Camp NPC. Go on a trek along the riverside dividing the Obsidian Fieldlands By choosing “Until Midday.”

If the players follow the right path, they will soon locate an area with shallow water and a small section of land to walk along. 

As soon as you notice wurmple crawling around, know you are on the right track, and you may soon spot a Pichu strolling in the grass.

  • When you approach a Pichu be careful, as this Pokemon is very fearful and will escape if you come into its view. You can try to catch it using a Black Strike Technique.
  • Creep up to the Pokemon and throw a Pokeball on its back.
  • As the capture rate of Pichu is low, catching a Pichu using a poke ball has very low chances. If you throw the Pokeball from the front, it will increase your chances of catching a Pichu. 
  • Trainers can throw the Pokemon to fight when it turns its back but wait a little longer to weaken its capability, or Pichu will run away. 

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How to Evolve Pichu in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Pichu, when evolved, turns into a Pikachu through companionship.  When you reach a friendship level of Pichu, it will automatically evolve into a Pikachu. 

To evolve Pichu in Arceus, trainers can check the friendship level by chatting with Bellamy, located near astures on Jubilife Village.

Before you let Bellamy check the friendship level of Pichu you need to finish the mission of “The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods” and accept the mission of “Arezu predicament”.

This is all we have for you to answer how to evolve Pichu Arceus. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below. Stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon Legends.

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