How to Re-Design Your Bedroom Following a Breakup


A relationship breakdown is always tough on both parties. But when you live together it can be even tougher. One area that is going to be particularly difficult is dealing with the bedroom if you are the one who is staying in the house. A lot of personal and intimate memories can be attached to this space so it is important to re-design the space to be more of you and not your former partner.

 Take Stock of Furniture

 You should check what furniture is yours and what is your ex-partners? The trouble here comes when you’ve bought the items together as a couple. What if you have a set of matching dressers for example? Well much like the rest of your mutual possessions you will need to decide on how to split it? Perhaps you can sell it off if it’s antique or valuable and equally divide the proceeds.

 Redecorate in Your Image

 As a couple you will, no doubt, have made joint choices on decorating, which by its very nature requires compromise. But now that it’s just you there’s an opportunity for you to make the décor choices you never had the chance to make when you were part of a couple. This also is a good way of healing and moving on. You can find your perfect color scheme that matches your taste and personality.

 Get a New Bed

 The bed is often the one thing you want to get replaced as it’s where you spent a lot of time at your most vulnerable with your ex. Beds can be expensive though, so maybe even just a new mattress can be a less expensive way of achieving this.  You can find a great mattress in a box here that is easy to transport and set up. There’s even some fun guide online on how to build your own bed which can be a money saver and a great project.

 Even Consider Switching Rooms

 Sometimes staying in the same room as you used to share with your former partner is too much and ideally, you would move out. But this isn’t always possible, at first anyway. If you have a decent-sized property and are unable to move house then perhaps you could switch bedrooms into one of your spare rooms. This allows you the luxury of pretty much starting from scratch and making it pretty much your own space.

 Arrange to Return Property

 At the time of the break-up, you need to split up your possessions and make sure that each of you gets important and serious items to each of you. But what happens over time is that often you will find things that belong to your ex so you should ensure that you have contact details to be able to return these. The more tricky aspect is when deciding what is to be separated, and you can find this is the cause of arguments, you could even consider taking on the services of a mediator to help decide this.