Tips to Trim and Crop a Video on Snapchat?

Tips to Trim and Crop a Video on Snapchat

How to trim a snap video? Snapchat is one of the chat apps that are most used nowadays because it has an app for both android and iOS users. The company was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown at Stanford University. Snapchat is a social networking app that allows users to communicate through pictures, videos, and text messages.

The article will be about how to trim and crop a video on Snapchat and the best ways. Furthermore, it will talk about different ways you can use this option to get better quality videos by trimming parts from your video clip before sharing it with your friends or followers on Snapchat.

Key Knowledge:

There are so many different types of Snapchat videos that you can do for fun and entertainment. From games to clips, there’s no limit to what you can do with it. Since it’s so entertaining and easy to use, everyone has been hopping on the bandwagon. When it comes to videos, though, one thing that is typically a pain in the neck is when you have a video that is too long for your Snapchat story.

HitPaw Video Editor:

One of the ways for people to quickly fix this is with the help of HitPaw Video Editor. You can increase your viewing pleasure by trimming or cropping your video to fit better in a Snapchat story. You can even use it to add transition effects and other fun stuff that you might want to add on Snapchat. Before downloading the app, you need to have an iPhone or iPad for it to work correctly. Next, you need a “sound recording” app since it will pick up audio and send it through your iPhone to be heard by the outside world.

Crop a Snapchat Video:

When cropping a Snapchat video, this is one of the easiest things you can do. When you first start, you will be prompted to hit the ” red record button” and start recording your video. After five to ten seconds, you will be prompted to stop recording. Next, you will be prompted again to hit the ” Action” button. After tapping on this button, the app will automatically crop and trim your video so that it’s shorter. Doing this would make your video more entertaining for the viewers watching it on Snapchat.

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How to Crop a Snapchat Video on a Computer?

If you crop and trim your video on a computer instead of on an iPhone, this is something that you can do. If you are using an entirely new computer, then there shouldn’t be any problems with downloading the required programs. How to trim a snap video? However, if this is something that already has been installed on your computer and you need to download it again for it to work, then there should not be any problems with downloading it from the internet. The next thing you want to do is open any video editing software that you have at hand. Once opened, search for ” audio recording” or “sound recording”. On the left side of the software or program window, there will be a tab where all your audio files will be located.


In conclusion, there are so many different ways that you can use to make your Snapchat videos more entertaining for the viewers. How to trim a snap video? For example, using the HitPaw Video Editor, you can easily hold on to all of your essential audio recordings and crop and trim them into a shorter length whenever you want to upload them onto Snapchat. The other way is using a computer and audio recording software. This way, you could upload your video anywhere you want without worrying about it being too long. 

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