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Hu Tao

Hu Tao – One of Genshin Impact’s five-star protagonists is Hu Tao. Given that she is one of the most powerful DPS heroes in history, she undoubtedly rose to popularity after her release. Continue reading to learn more about Hu Tao from the movie Genshin Effect.

What is the background of Hu Tao?

Hu Tao is the Wangsheng Burial Parlor’s 78th director. Hu Tao is the antithesis of professionalism and seriousness, even though all those qualities are necessary for the job of a filmmaker. Hu Tao took over through the family company after her grandfather died, and she now oversees the cremation home in Liyue. Hu Tao is also regarded as pleasant and cunning.

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Hu Tao, Mittens, and Whiskers: An interesting Story

Hu Tao once cared for the stone lions outside the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Since she cared for the sculptures as though they were living things, the residents of Liyue believed she was strange.

They were shocked to learn that Hu Tao no longer visited the Ministry of Civil Affairs to care for the stone lions she renamed Mittens and Whiskers. They missed her company and shenanigans, even if they found her strange.

Therefore, when they got the chance to inquire as to why Hu Tao no longer appeared, Hu Tao did what she is doing best: she provided them with a ridiculous response. She claimed that now that Mittens and Whiskers were grownups, they could care for themselves. The guards were perplexed by this but relaxed since they realized Hu Tao was being serious.

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Hu Tao’s inaugural ceremony

Hu Tao conducted her first ceremony when she was thirteen years old. Hu Tao’s friends and family were concerned about how the burial would proceed, considering her peculiar personality.

However, Hu Tao has resided in Wangsheng Funeral Parlor since the age of nine, so it does not surprise her that the ritual proceeded smoothly.

Hu Tao took great care to plan and carry out the event flawlessly, much to the amazement of everyone around her. On either hand, her peculiar behavior persisted. Some noted Hu Tao’s ability to play four-player board games while alone.

But she took those ceremonies sincerely since her grandpa, whom she regarded highly, was the burial home’s administrator. According to observers, Hu Tao only appears concerned during those kinds of rituals.

The people of Liyue were grateful to Hu Tao for her attempts to honor their customs when she took over Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

The final thoughts of Hu Tao

Hu Tao regards death as a natural occurrence for all living things. She also thinks burials are significant because she works in the funeral industry. In Hu Tao’s opinion, funeral ceremonies enable the deceased to pass peacefully into the next life.

Furthermore, Hu Tao was adamant about burying Qiqi properly due to this conviction. Hu Tao, however, recognized that when she learned what caused Qiqi to turn into an undead and how her resolve to live returned her to life. But this adhered to the small zombie since Hu Tao insisted on burying Qiqi. Meanwhile, Hu Tao’s requests for Qiqi’s forgiveness go unanswered.

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Hu Tao and literature

Hu Tao works as the administrator of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and writes poems. She is a lyricist, and the people of Liyue see her as a “star” in the literary world. Her most well-known piece to date is titled The Hilitune.

Even Xingqiu loved her poems and tried his hardest to set up an appointment with Hu Tao. When they eventually met, the two engaged in a literary duel at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Over poems, the two grew close, and Chongyun ended up joining them.

Why Hu Tao developed her perspective?

Hu Tao held her first ceremony when she was thirteen years old, as was previously indicated. Her grandfather, who died recently around a certain time, was honored on this occasion. Hu Tao’s grandpa requested Hu Tao to conduct his burial to carry out his intentions. Hu Tao surpassed everyone’s aspirations and gave her grandpa the burial he desired despite their fears that she would disappoint.

Hu Tao went to Wuwang Hill once the funeral rite was over. She packed a bag full of supplies, but they won’t keep her going. Hu Tao entered the “beyond” when she got to Wuwang Hill. The “beyond” is a line separating the living from the dead, by Genshin Impact and its lore.

Hu Tao entered the “beyond” to visit her grandpa for the final time. Hu Tao never saw her grandpa, though, due to the presence of so many lingering ghosts. Even though the spirits warned her that the person she was searching for wasn’t there, she persisted for weeks.

Hu Tao revealed that her dad had no remorse while he was still living. This indicated that his spirit had no reason to stay in the “beyond.” Hu Tao left delighted, even though she could not spend one last time with her grandpa.

She began unloading her bag as soon as she arrived at her house. Hu Tao discovered a Vision after unpacking practically all of it.

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