7 Best Video Games to Explore the Multiverse


Video games have always provided spaces where players can explore immersive environments that enable them to escape reality. Much like the online pokies you’ll find on top iGaming sites such as Mister Bet Casino, video games come with a wide variety of exquisite thematic concepts to tell different stories. The games could be about familiar folklore, myths, and legends or new science fiction and space-age concepts that push technology to the very edge of what we consider reality.

As technology advances, gaming developers have made it their mission to inject the wow factor for players and keep them interested in their gaming outfits. One such emerging technological concept is the multiverse, which not only takes the player across multiple realities but also allows them to interact with other players in the current world. This is one of the best experiences the industry has had to offer, especially to younger players.

Are you just getting acquainted with the multiple universes and would like to relish its thrills in the games? Here’s a list of the seven most exceptional titles that let you explore the multiverse and all its excellence.

1. No Man’s Sky

If you have been wondering how expansive the multiple universes are and how many possible galaxies are available for exploration, wonder no more. The universe of No Man’s Sky Universe ushers players into 255 galaxies with hundreds of star systems. As expected, the storylines are terrific, not to mention the killer graphics used in the presentation of the plot. Players can choose to play the Steam version or the GOG version of the game, both of which can be played in one of four modes: Creative, Normal, Survival, and Permadeath. The universe expands as the player discovers more worlds, all unique in their own ways.

2. Mortal Kombat 11

This extremely popular fighting game made it to the multiverse and has its own Mortal Kombat multiverse where characters get to meet and even converse with their future and past selves. Thanks to the elements of the multiple universes added to the storyline, with scarier and more powerful versions of our most beloved characters, it is by far the most exciting instalment of the series.

3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

This game follows the adventures of the titular pair into a set of different galaxies with the help of a Dimensionator. This is a device that makes inter-dimensional travel possible and allows the two galactic heroes to take players along on the ride. The visuals and overall look of the game are simply majestic and add to the allure of the action-packed title.

4. Quantum Break

This game blends the live-action TV world with video games and has even resulted in the launch of a TV series alongside the game. Players engage in the third-person shooter on Windows and Xbox One environments. Time travel is an aspect that distinguishes this version from an earlier sequel and is almost the main focus of the game.

5. Chrono Trigger

If you are thinking of an adventure that spans both space and time, look no further than one with the renowned Crono, who finds himself 400 years in the past. A simple act of heroism leads him to millions of years in the multiverse as the hero tries to find a way back to his time and dimension.

6. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Initially, this title was released in the Japanese market as Super Mario Bros. 2, but was conceived to be too difficult for Western gamers. As such, it was replaced with a different game. However, the original Lost Levels version features warped versions of familiar Mario levels. The title contains 32 levels which allow users to travel across eight worlds in the main game and five additional ones in the course of the game.

7. Portal 2

The half-life universe is where you will encounter the Portal and Portal 2 games. The players use a portal gun to traverse alternate realities and other galactic dimensions where tons of action and entertainment await.

Relish the Beauty of Multiple Universes

Video games have a way of telling stories that would not be as impactful if told in a movie or book. The immersive user experience makes the player a big part of the story and hence fosters a more enjoyable journey. Multiverse adventures can only be explained by those who have had a first-hand experience with such games. As worlds and galaxies bigger than we could ever imagine continue emerging in the video gaming scene, the possibilities are beyond comparison to anything ever made.

The experience of traversing multiple realities is almost miraculous, which explains the reason for the imminent success of the industry. So, start by trying the seven mentioned above and proceed from there. Dip your toe into the multiverse experience, and without a doubt, you will yearn for more of the mind-blowing escapades after your first try.