‎Introduce these lifestyle & diet changes to better up your immune system


A robust immune system to a person’s body is what an ozone layer to the earth. If we focus to improve immunity of ours, we get free of harmful viruses and bacteria present in the environment that can enter and attack our body. People depend on high dose medication to stay fit and keep the body in working position, neglecting the fact that God has manufactured the human body in a way that it is capable of looking after itself to a certain extent and this specialty of the human body is referred as the immune system. We should understand the symptoms given by the body, indicating that we need to improve immunity.

Let’s put a glance at some foods that boost the immune system to the fullest: 

Citrus Fruits

Fruits like oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit, etc. have a wealthy content of vitamin C, and this vitamin plays a vital role in increasing the count of white blood cells. So we should make a note that our diet changes include proper intake of citrus fruits.

Garlic and Ginger 

Garlic adds taste to the cuisine and is also very effective in keeping our immune fit. Garlic contains a substantial amount of sulfur compounds, such as allicin. This allicin has excellent properties of boosting the immune. Ginger is treated as a home remedy for curing various infectious diseases. Ginger is beneficial in decreasing nausea and inflammation. Not only this, but it also serves the purpose of lowering high cholesterol. Garlic and ginger should be taken in a proper amount to enhance the working of our immune system.

Green Vegetables

No doubt, green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are highly packed with nutrients and vitamins like A, C, and E. Their fiber content is also very high. All these aspects of green vegetables make the body suitable to fight against all the infections. In order to drive maximum nutrients from them, it’s better to eat them lightly cooked as excessive cooking often ends all the fiber and vitamins. Green vegetables should be taken compulsorily at least once a day

Other than the foods that boost the immune system, let’s see some other lifestyle changes to opt for the same:

Proper Sleep

Enough sleep is essential to keep the body working. Reduced hour of sleep often leads to weakening of the immune system. Sleep helps us in regulating our -immune system. We should note that we take 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day as sleep releases cytokine, which help the body in fighting disease.

Keeping the Mind Stress-Free

Overburdening our brain with anxiety and pressure has a direct impact on our immune system. Stress assists our body in producing cortisol, which increases the demand for sugar content food for the body. This amplifies the chances of catching a cold, which will affect our immune system.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is very much essential for building up new white blood cells. Some other necessary hormones released with the help of regular exercise are estrogens, progesterone testosterone. If the body lacks these hormones, then it will lead to the weakening of the immune system. Try putting 20-30 minutes of exercise in your routine.

  • If a person is addicted to excessive drinking, then it will ultimately affect the immune in a destructing manner. A person should stay aloof from drugs and smoking as it weakens the immune system. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that it’s indispensable for the body to suffer from cold at least once or more than that in a year as it helps the immune to become more active. Avoid taking antibiotics for curing a minor cold. This cold will help the body in cleaning itself and also develops the strength of the body to kill the bacteria and viruses.
  • Food having a lack of proteins should be avoided. Proteins are a must to make the immune grow. In the absence of an adequate amount of proteins, the body isn’t able to increases the number of white blood cells. Keep your diet changes enriched with lots of proteins and minerals.

Poultry and Shellfish

Chicken is an excellent source of vitamin B-6. Vitamin is essential for the proper formation of red blood cells. Seafood such as crab, clams, lobsters, etc. have a high content of zinc, and mostly all of us neglect the fact that zinc is also necessary for the proper functioning of immune. Though zinc is necessary, we should not have access intake of zinc as it will cause harm to the immune

Basic Hygiene 

Many of us forget to follow the primary habits which can help us to have good hygiene. Hands should be washed properly before a meal, after coming from outside as the contaminated hands carry lots of germs, and these germs, if transferred in the body, can harm our immune system.

Try to be happy and relaxed throughout. Laughter is the key to happiness and good health, and good health possesses good immune. One should be trying to be social as an introvert is more to be stressed, and stress harms the immune. Being social keeps our mental health in a good position and also helps the immunity to grow.

Plenty of Water

There should be proper intake of liquid in the body, especially water. It’s essential to have at least 8-10 glass of water daily. A hydrated body is a disease-free body, and if a body is disease-free, then it will be easy for the immune to grow.

Given habits, if put into practice daily, will surely help to keep a person’s immunity in a good position.