Is Mould Remediation Expensive?

mould removal

When you discover that you have a mould problem, the first thought will be the horror of the cost. The cost is not always that bad. Most experts say that the cost of mould remediation is approximately $10 to $25 per square foot, for the cleanup alone. There would be additional costs upon that. 

It’s worth it. One 5,000 square foot home in British Columbia was assessed at $2.9 million and sold for $4.3 million after mould remediation occurred. Elsewhere, Calgary restoration companies will say that factors that go into the costs include how much area is being cleaned and whether you are going to do it yourself.

Whole House Mould Remediation

If you need to have your entire home cleaned of mould, you could pay as much as $10,000 to $30,000. This could likely be just for the cleanup alone. You will also have to pay for repairs and replacements of items and damage inside the home. There may also be water damage repairs to tend to.

Drywall Mould Remediation

You may be worried about mould remediation on your drywall. Drywall mould remediation can range from $1,000 to $20,000. The price range depends on where the treatment is needed, and how much drywall needs to be replaced. If your entire wall needs replacement, you’ll be looking at the far end of the costs.

Is it Cheaper To Do it Yourself?

You can do mould remediation by yourself for a much lower cost, and it’s not difficult. However, an expert will do a better job, regardless of how good a cleaner you are. For small areas, you may not spend more than $50 on materials to clean, plus the costs of renting a wet vacuum of approximately $30 a day. Additional costs include safety equipment, to ensure that you don’t breathe in the spores.

If the mould area is small, simple water and detergent will do the job. 

Overall, as a general rule of thumb, yes it is more affordable to clean it yourself. If you have a small area you can do so successfully. The importance of mould remediation is for safety. If you are dealing with a larger area, you should call an expert.

Get a Quote for Mould Remediation Today    

Before you make a decision on mould remediation, contact an expert to get a quote. Working with mould presents a very serious safety concern. An expert is the safest choice. Get a quote today to see what the costs are before you consider doing it yourself. It may not be as bad as you think.