Latest Trends for Engagement Rings that are a Must-try


One of the most precious moments two individuals will ever share is getting engaged. Although the traditions of marriage are not common, there is one tradition that has been cemented in many cultures: offering the bride-to-be a diamond engagement ring. An engagement ring, worn to signify love and the promise of loyalty, is the most significant piece of jewelry a person will ever get. 

In every aspect, choosing an engagement ring is extremely personal. The journey of finding the right ring is different for everyone, from taste to budget. There is a lot to think about and select from jewelry stores, including carats, cuts, settings, and metals.

The trends of the engagement ring for the year ahead and review  the incoming trends.


We will see a transition to accountability and sustainability in the rings of engagement in 2020. Modern customers are now looking to match their personal values with the brands they visit and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to say a honest picture about where and how their ring is made.

In the winters, emerald, black diamonds, fascinating-shaped diamonds and newer shapes such as open rings would be a favorite.

Numerous Stones 

Wanting still more diamonds, brides-to-be. For engagement rings, three and five stone rings are becoming common preferences.

The Two-Tone   

Now two-tone engagement rings are becoming a big trend. Customers have a hard time selecting a metal colour for their engagement ring. It allows you the option to mix metals during your ring ‘s wear when you make a two-tone ring. I prefer a platinum top or diamond setting with a yellow gold band. It will make the diamonds pop when you set diamonds in platinum, and the metal color.

Stylish cuts and Big Stones 

We have seen a rise in requests for fancy cut diamonds. They resonate with our consumers who want to represent their uniqueness that is modern and special. Here is a greater emphasis on the gem and its ability to retain value so that it is not just a sign of romance and love, but also a strong investment. Couples will go to represent their personality and style for spectacular crafted diamonds.


Personalized options are on the rapid increase this fall, with more brides opting for a traditional design, but one that shows their personal aesthetic, whether in the setting, design or appearance of the stone.

 While personalization and individuality are prized by these brides, many are also socially aware, preferring sustainable buying choices that have a positive impact on the planet.


It can be absolutely overwhelming to shop for an engagement ring if you don’t know where to start. The number of possible combinations exceeds infinity, with so many variables to consider, such as stone shape, gemstones, setting types, antique versus new, and more. 

In other words, all the options you can make are easy to get confused by. But before you get in over your head, we are here to help guide you to find your perfect match (hopefully).