All Naruto Hand Signs with Meaning


Naruto Hand Signs – Did you know that Buddhism and Hinduism inspire the Naruto Hand Signs? They look really cool and are one of the reasons why we love the show.

Many characters use stylish moves, from Kakashi’s quick hand signs to Minato’s one-hand signs. This made many fans try to copy the famous Naruto Hand Signs. Let us check out the basic hand signs and what they mean. Read to learn how to do them just right.

Indra Otsutsuki, a really strong member of the Uchiha clan, is the one who came up with the Naruto Hand Signs. These signs are meant to help the Shinobi gather and shape their chakra correctly for Genjutsu, Ninjutsu,or any other techniques. To do a technique right, you need to do the basic hand signs in a specific order.

In a fight, to do each technique well, you have to remember a certain set of hand signs for it. However, first, you have to know the basic Naruto Hand Signs. So, let us check out the basic hand signs that every Shinobi needs to learn:

All Naruto Hand Signs

Monkey (Saru, 申):

Making the Monkey (Saru) Naruto Hand Signs is easy. Just keep your left hand on your right hand. Lift your left thumb and put it between your ring and little finger.

Now you are all set! This sign does not belong to any special nature change. Sasuke often uses the monkey sign when making his favourite move, Chidori.

Dragon (Tatsu, 辰):

Even though the Dragon (Tatsu) hand sign might seem hard, it is simple. Just cross your hands together and join them. Then, keep attached to your little fingers and let them touch.

Finish it by letting your thumbs out, with the left thumb on top. This hand sign does not link to any nature change. However, your special element shows up as a dragon when you do it.

Rat (Ne, 子):

The Rat (Ne) hand sign is very crucial, mainly for the Nara clan. They use it a lot for their special Shadow Techniques. It is not connected to any other natural changes.

Making the rat hand sign is simple. Straighten your left index finger and middle fingers, and fold the others. After that, use your right hand to wrap your fingers around the fingers of your left hand that are sticking up.

Bird (Tori, 酉):

The Bird (Tori) hand sign in Naruto is important for Wind Release techniques. Those who use wind-based ninja moves use this sign. It may seem complicated, but if you follow the steps, it is easy.

First, cross the little and middle fingers. Once you do that, the rest is simple. Just let your index, thumbs, and ring fingers touch.

Snake (Mi, 巳):

The Snake (Mi) hand sign is used a lot in Naruto because it is linked to three natural changes:  Lightning, Earth, and Wood Release. It is also one of the easiest hand signs.

All you have to do is join your hands and weave your fingers together like you are preparing to say a prayer. This hand sign is important for all the strongest jutsu in existence.

Ox (Ushi, 丑):

The Ox (Ushi) hand sign is one of the toughest to do. I am amazed at how skilled Shinobi can do it so easily in a tough fight. It is not connected to any other nature change, but it is used in many jutsus, especially fire-based ones. So, you have probably seen Itachi, Sasuke, Madara,  and many Uchiha members using it.

It is tough, but you can do it by crossing your hands and bending the ring and middle finger of your left hand. Now put right little finger in front of the gap.

Dog (Inu, 戌):

The Dog (Inu) Nruto hand sign is linked to techniques of water release. You have probably seen famous water technique users like Kisame, Zabuza, Tobirama, and others use this hand seal in Naruto. It is the easiest of all hand signs for a jutsu we have ever seen in Naruto. 

Some FAQs

What is Ram jutsu?

Ram jutsu is noticeable, especially when Naruto does the shadow clone jutsu. To do the Ram, a shinobi needs to lift their left and right index and middle fingers up and stick them together, with the right fingers sliding down a bit.

Can Sasuke use Chidori without Naruto Hand Signs?

At first, Sasuke needed several hand signs to use Chidori, the powerful lightning blade. However, as he got better at it, he did not need any hand signs at all. He could use Chidori without doing a single-hand seal.

How many jutsu are in Naruto?

The Naruto Wiki says there are 2585 jutsu in their archive, counting everything from manga, anime, novels, games, movies, and more. However, in the actual Naruto world, there is probably way more jutsu that we do not even know about.

Can Naruto do one-handed jutsu?

Yep, just like Sasuke, Naruto lost an arm during the war. While waiting for a new one, he had to use his jutsu with just one hand. However, since he is already the greatest Shinobi, it was not a big deal for Naruto to get used to it.