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plop star net worth

This post is mainly about Plop Star net worth”. The Plop Star portable deodorant has been regarded as the world’s largest and most covert deodorizer. The Plop Star capsules create an odor-blocking shield using citrus-scented essential oils. Only one Plop Star tablet requires it to be placed on the plate. 

Plop Star acts as a divider between the essential oils, masking the odor and bringing in a citrusy scent. Plop Star is a portable bowl rocker that can be used at any location or time. Plop Star was developed to help people uncomfortable in public restrooms feel more at ease. With a Plop Star, cleanup is simple. Every one of the 30 tablets is roughly an inch in diameter to make things simpler for you.

Quantity of money Star Plop Has:-

When Plop Star first appeared on Shark Tank, this had a plop star net worth of $1.5 million. The only remaining Shark Tank candidate without a contract was Plop Star. Investors believed Tyler Jay did not market test since he was characterized as cautious, polite, and quiet. Guest investor Rohan Oza was open to striking a deal. Despite this, he was battling with the perception that he lacked a plan. He also left Plop Star without a signed contract.

Plop Star’s Shark Tank Pitch!

Considering the mixed reactions of the public, Plop Star’s revenues have improved after they participated in a Shark Tank episode. After the show, Plop Star was out of stock on the site. 

Plop Star’s initial Shark Tank visit didn’t go well because of the firm’s poor sales and subsequent insufficient investment. Despite the negative reviews and lack of funding, the business has been expanding its digital presence. 

The only remaining Shark Tank contestant without a contract was Plop Star. Tyler Jay said although he left Shark Tank with minimal money, his objective had always been to appear on the ABC program.

Is Purchasing the Plop Star Tablet a Wise Decision? 

Contrary to popular belief, Plop Star has consumers that adore the perfumed toilet tablets. Plop Star tablets are efficient in removing scents brought on by solids, as per poop-smell science. They can only effectively get rid of a limited portion of odors. Plop Star had only sold $12,000 worth of products in the days before the concert.

How Did Plop Star Perform After Shark Tank? 

Each Plop Star tablet comes in a transparent plastic wrapper. Its diameter is close to two inches. Plop Star tablets can be purchased in 3 distinct ways. The first one charges the most, and a package of 30 costs about $12.99. The second package is the Plop Star 30-pack tub, which costs about $14.99. Six extra packs are available for $4.99. Plop Star tablet packets are sold on both and the Plop Star websites. 

Regrettably, it wasn’t well received by the Shark Tank investors. Tyler Jay’s first $150,000 investment proposal for a 10% stake in the company failed to draw investors due to the dearth of sales.

The data showed that Plop Star only had made $12,000 in item sales in the months before the show. Plop Star observed a rise in sales following the Shark Tank episode. Plop Star’s main website had sold out of most of the stock available, even though the item still seems to be available on Jay plans to concentrate on both B2B and retail.

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Two of Plop Star’s founders:-

Plop Star was founded by Tyler Jay one year ago. He earned a Media Arts degree from Arizona University. Tyler Jay worked in an advertising firm for a while. Jay established Tandem Inc., a company for artistic production, in 2014. Tyler Jay was very much like everyone when they got to use the bathroom in public areas, but the one was right outside his home because he wanted to avoid leaving a terrible smell behind. Tayler Jay made an effort to discover a product that satisfied his wants before deciding to create his own because of this.

3 years after its initial announcement, Plop Star was finally launched in 2018. Tyler Jay wanted to start by making a liquid deodorant spray. Jay employs a team for research and development. After a year of beta testing, they weren’t satisfied with the outcomes. Tyler Jay resorted to bath products for inspiration when he found himself short on ideas. 

A tablet-based mobile restroom deodorizer was Tyler Jay’s and his coworkers’ brilliant concept. After a year of research, testing, formulation, and 37 iterations, the product was finally ready for commercial release.

How is Plop star currently doing? (Recent Update) 

In 2022, Plop Star Company is still very much in operation. But as of 2021, the actual product is no longer available. But in December 2021, the business unveiled a deodorizing spray. The brand-new spray will run out of supply in December 2022, despite still being featured on Amazon. 

The most recent social media update from the company was in December 2021. Therefore, it’s uncertain if the original item will return to the market. 

Plop Star was one of the businesses that exited the Shark Tank without a contract. However, the business managed to survive without assistance for a while.

How much money does the Plop celebrity make as of 2022? 

No sources list the Plop star’s Net Worth for 2022. The company’s overall earnings are pegged at about $1.3 million. 

Additionally, the business had a $1.5 million valuation at its Shark Tank appearance.


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Q1) Who is a plop star?

Ans- You place a tiny tablet called Plop Star inside the toilet bowl 10 seconds before sitting down and taking care of business.

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