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Pokemon Switch games – Even presently, more than 27 years after the release of the original Pokemon game, the series’s influence is still felt. Likewise, it is adored by a large number of people worldwide. Because it represents one of the most well-known anime and video game franchises ever created. Consequently, all Pokemon games are now playable on a variety of gaming platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Consequently, if you want to download Pokemon video games to your Nintendo Switch. You have found the right article, then. We’ll list the top Pokemon switch games for particular gadgets, so stay tuned. The items on the list were selected based on their overall Metascore from critics’ evaluations. Let’s look at the Pokemon Switch games.

The top Pokemon Switch games for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Cafe Edition

This one is for you if you enjoy café activities and Pokemon. Gamers must hire Pokemon as their workers so they can manage the cafe.

The game has certain riddles that must be resolved. Each Pokemon also possesses a special ability that can be used to aid in puzzle-solving. This game was made available on July 24, 2021.

Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest is a single-player-only game that was originally launched around June 28, 2019. Out of all the Pokémon franchises, this one stands out due to the creatures’ cube-shaped designs. Conquering Tumblecube Paradise is the main objective.

Participants are willing to go on excursions on the island with their Pokemon friends. Clear the levels of your escapades while gathering magic rocks and treasure. Together with the various Pokemon, gamers can also construct and build their basic camp.

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Rescue Team DX for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

This Pokemon game will debut on February 7, 2022. The lone player in this role-playing game is the player. Participants in this game must assemble a rescue squad and enlist more than 350 Pokemon.

Going on an expedition and performing rescues in various locations is the objective. Additionally, participants must choose their strategy for each enigmatic dungeon. For $58.98, you may get a physical or electronic copy of this video game.


Coordination is absolutely essential in this gameplay, anyone can see that. On the pitch, participants can engage in Five vs. five-team combat. Afterward, throughout Unite Battles, use Unite Moves to demonstrate the strength of your Pokémon.

There can be anywhere from one to ten people on the internet at once in this single-system game. Furthermore, this was just published on June 22, 2021. One of the famous pokemon switch game.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

The Sinnoh country is home to the Pokemon Brilliant Sapphire and Shining Pearl. Gamers are soon to receive their first Pokemon buddy. Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup are the Pokemon you can pick to travel with you.

Participants will then continue their trip by exploring the Grand Basement in an effort to find wealth. Then, if you’re fortunate, you might also come across a rare Pokemon. You might possibly come into contact with Dialga and Palkia, two classic Pokemon.

Each of these games is brand-new, and on October 20, they will celebrate their first birthday. You may purchase the products in both electronic and physical form for $58.99 each.

Pokken DX Championship

Pokemon Fighter championship matches are the primary priority of this game. So out of 21 fights, players can select their preferred Pokemon. The selected Pokemon will engage in a combat encounter with another Pokemon in a stadium.

Users can even request assistance from a unique Pokemon to help them in the battle. Because this is a competitive match, each player has a rating. Therefore, competitors must compete to become number one.

This game was made available on October 23, 2016. Both electronic and physical editions of this game are available for purchase for $58.99. For Nintendo Online users only, this product is also presently on sale for 30 percent off through November 30.

Pokemon Snap

This game is an update of the 1998 64-game Pokemon Snap. The gamers must continue their exploration and capture images of various Pokemon in their natural habitat. In addition to seeing a Pokemon, you will learn about it and see what it does.

The photos you capture while playing the game can also be modified and shared on social media. You can also create a photodex with your greatest Pokemon images in it. You can purchase the game here in both electronic and physical form for $58.99 each.

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Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokemon Switch game!

Together with the companion they have selected, participants embark on an expedition. It might be Eevee or Pikachu. Players will take on the role of their selected Pokemon master in this game. You can engage in combat with other instructors as well.

Additionally, you might try using the recognizable Poke Ball to catch other Pokemon. Since this was also launched on October 17, 2019, it is a role-playing game (RPG).

For both the electronic and physical versions of each item, the price is $58.99. 

This is the list of famous Pokemon Switch games. Happy playing!

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