Rare Carat’s Sustainable Diamond Collection: Ethical and Eco-Friendly Choices


Rare Carat’s Sustainable Diamond Collection

Rare Carat is the number one source of ethical and eco-friendly diamond choices in the country due to its strict adherence to environmental sustainability and respect for human rights. Being an environmentally and ethically conscious diamond company, Rare Carat ensures its diamond collection is sourced with careful consideration of the environmental and human impact associated with the jewelry. 

Over the years, diamond mining has been associated with exponentially harmful effects on people and the environment. Diamond mining companies are known to emit large volumes of greenhouse gases that result in massive pollution and destruction of the environment. Digging of diamond mines also results in the massive destruction of natural habitats rendering large tracts of land unusable for agricultural purposes or supporting wildlife. 

Diamond mining is also associated with widespread human suffering due to unjust labor practices, wars, conflicts, violence, and labor exploitation. In addition, proceeds of the diamond trade have been used to fund rebels, civil wars, and illegal governments in many countries in Africa. 

Rare Carat’s sustainable diamond collection is sourced from companies that are environmentally and ethically conscious to ensure there are no harmful effects on people or the environment. That said, let’s look at the eco-friendly and ethical diamond choices available at Rare Carat.

1. Rare Carat Lab-Grown Diamonds 

Rare carat’s lab-cultured diamonds are ethically and environmentally friendly choices since they are conflict-free and their creation process does not degrade the environment. These diamonds are similar to the natural ones in terms of chemical composition, vvs, and appearance with the only difference being their formation process. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a safe and controlled laboratory environment while natural diamonds are mined from the earth and usually take millions of years to form. 

Rare Carat man-made diamonds are ethically and eco-friendly due to the fact that their formation process avoids many negative issues that are associated with mining diamonds from the earth. They are ethical since they avoid the conflicts, wars, and exploitation of workers that miners receive in mining countries across the world. Natural diamonds from developing countries are mined in ways that violate human rights and the dignity of local communities and are often referred to as “blood diamonds”. These diamonds are not ethical since some of the mines are controlled by brutal militias, drug lords, and rebels, who use the money obtained from their sale to fund conflicts and illegal trading. These groups unleash all types of brutality, torture, violence, and murder to get people to work for them with little or no pay and under very inhumane conditions. 

Lab-cultured diamonds are more environmentally friendly since they are produced in a controlled laboratory environment thus limiting environmental damage caused by digging mines. Rare Carat lab-created diamonds help preserve the environment by minimizing air and water pollution as well as the destruction of the land. 

2. Canadian Diamonds 

Rare Carat Canadian diamonds are ethical and eco-friendly choices because they are mined under very strict government regulations that require mining companies to respect human rights and preserve the environment. There are no conflicts or illegalities associated with Canadian diamonds since they are produced under very strict environmental procedures and a conducive working environment. 

Some of the diamonds mined in developing countries in Africa are always obtained in unethical ways that are often characterized by bloodshed, conflicts, child labor, and inhumane working conditions. Mining is not strictly restricted in these countries meaning that mining companies use practices that impact the environment negatively.

3. Recycled Diamonds 

Another incredible option for ethically and eco-friendly diamonds is Rare Carat’s recycled diamonds. Recycled diamonds rank the same in the diamond color chart as freshly cut diamonds since they are pure and original. Recycled are obtained from previously cut and used diamonds that their owners have decided to do away with due to factors such as cost or an upgrade. At Rare Carat, these diamonds are recut in various shapes to meet the demand for ethical and eco-friendly diamonds. 

Recycled diamonds are environmentally and ethically sourced from people who have previously purchased natural diamonds which means there is little to no impact to the environment. Recycled diamonds are also more ethical due to the fact that they reduce the demand for natural diamonds in the market thus reducing conflicts and environmental degradation. 

As far as ethics and sustainability are concerned, recycled, Canadian, and lab-grown diamonds are the best choices. Rare Carat’s sustainable diamond collection ensures you purchase diamonds from companies that support human rights and environmental sustainability.