Reducing Your Risk of A Dog Attack


While many people are convinced that some breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others, any dog will bite if it is put in a position where it feels threatened or cornered. You can reduce your risk of a dog attacking another pet or a person by being observant and always maintaining control of the situation. Protect your dog from interactions with unfamiliar adults and children who may not know how to treat your pet. If you have been the victim of a dog bite or the owner of a dog that has bitten someone, you will need to hire a dog bite attorney in Detroit to take over your case.

Maintain Control of Your Dog at All Times

It’s important to always maintain full control of your dog at all times. Keep them on a leash when they are in public or in an area that is unfamiliar to them. Always remind people to stay at a safe distance until your dog gets used to them. Don’t let small children tease or play with your pet unless you know for certain that your pet will not get agitated. You know your dog better than anyone else. It’s up to you to maintain control at all times.

Maintain a Secure Perimeter for Your Pet

Dogs love to run and play. Maintain a secure perimeter around your home so your dog can run and get the exercise it needs. They will be able to have a secure environment and you won’t have to worry about a stranger getting too close to them in your own yard. A secure privacy fence will keep your pet safe inside your property and unwanted visitors.

Put Your Dog in an Obedience Course

Many dog owners take pride in training their dogs themselves. If you want to protect them as well as others, it’s a much better idea to put them through an obedience training course that is taught by professionals. A professional can teach both you and your dog how to respond appropriately during stressful situations. It will give you peace of mind and your pet will be more manageable and easier to control.

Always Supervise Your Pet When It’s Close to Others

Any time you have your dog in public or around anyone they don’t know, you need to provide constant supervision. This applies to not only your pet but others as well. It is up to you to stop children, adults, and other animals from trying to interact with your pet, especially if they are showing any signs of being agitated. Constant supervision is important when it comes to maintaining a safe environment and strict boundaries for your dog.

Learn what your local ordinances are when it comes to animal control. Your dog is your responsibility. It’s important that you safeguard others, but you must also keep your pet safe as well. If a dog bite incident does occur, hire a reputable dog bite attorney right away. It will protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly.