Should I Feed My Pet Snake Rats or Mice


About 90.5 million families in the U.S. own a pet, and some have a pet snake or are planning to get one. Are you thinking about getting a pet snake too? While it’s encouraged, you must vet the type of snake before having them around your house.

Also, a debate has perplexed snake owners for generations: should I feed my pet snake rats or mice? Some experts say that snakes prefer the taste of one over the other, while others swear that snakes do not care either way. Overall, it’s up to you as the owner to decide what’s best for your pet.

So, what’s the best option? Let’s explore the pros and cons of feeding rats and mice to help make the decision easier.

What’s The Difference Between Feeding Mice or Rats?

Mice or rats as snake food will depend on your snake’s size. Rats are larger than mice and can provide more sustenance for your pet snake. It is especially true if your snake is larger than 18 inches long.

Baby snakes require more frequent meals, usually three or four small meals per week. Mice are ideal for younger snakes, as they can help fuel their growth and development. As they grow, however, they require larger meals.

In this case, rats are the preferred option. You can often feed one rat every week or two for large snakes. Consider an appropriate size, and provide a varied diet for your snake.

What Else Can You Feed Other Than Rodents?

If you decide to feed your snake something other than rodents, you should be diligent in researching appropriate alternatives. A few other small animal-based options include fish, birds, and eggs. You can also provide a variety of large insects, such as crickets, cockroaches, and mealworms.

You should also incorporate vegetable and fruit-based food items such as sweet potatoes, strawberries, and cooked beans into the diet. As with any pet, a balanced diet is key, and variety is always best.

Should They Be Frozen or Alive?

It’s best to understand the best snake diet will depend on the nutritional needs of your pet and their preferences. While frozen rodents are convenient, they should be offered occasionally as they are less nutritious than live prey. Frozen rodents may be easier to store and have fewer bacteria due to the freezing process.

However, it’s best to ensure that the rodents are frozen immediately after capture when looking for rats for sale. On the other hand, live rodents provide mental stimulation and an opportunity for the snake to hunt its food.

Feed Your Pet Snake A Balanced Diet for Better Health

The diet you should feed your pet snake depends on its species. Live rats are much larger than mice, so the convenience of providing your snake with mice is worth the risk. On the other hand, rodents larger than average may offer an added health benefit and enjoyment to your pet snake.

In conclusion, the ultimate decision to feed your pet depends on individual preference. However, always research what is best suited for your specific type of snake before deciding.

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