Age of Sigmar – Skarbrand 


Skarbrand is the Exiled One, who works for the Blood God Khorne. He is like a super strong and angry creature. He was once the chief general of Khorne, the biggest and baddest of all of Bloodthirsters. However, Khorne nearly got into a battle with Skarbrand after some nasty moves there by the Lord of Change Tzeentch. That was strictly verboten, and Khorne kicked him out of his realm forever.

Today, Skarbrand’s so mad at being thrown out that he is going berserk on a mission to make trouble and kill everybody. He is trying to be a good servant of Khorne again, but the Blood God has no forgiveness in his heart. The Great Unclean One can barely make it back home at all.

Grey Knights from the Imperium are among those who hunt demons. They fear Skarbrand. Their equipment and abilities are designed to deal with Chaos, but when it comes to Skarbrand their only hope is against such eruptions of violence.


Skarbrand is kind of like a super badass guy, an enormous ball of destruction once favoured by the Blood God Khorne. His powerful axes smashed nations and scared the armies of other gods. The big battle even saw Skarbrand destroy the First Palace of Slaanesh and kill Nurgle’s Poxviathan.

When Skarbrand fought against the toughest bloodthirster, he earned himself his special axes Slaughter and Carnage. The spirits of their victims were inside them. He did many bloody deeds and won much glory. Khorne’s daemon army was led by Skarbrand, who slew millions in Khorne’s name.

Even though it was a super strong hit, it just made a tiny crack in the Blood God’s armour, and Khorne got really, really mad. Khorne grabbed Skarbrand by the throat and choked him until all that was left in Skarbrand’s head was the burning anger that made him hit in the first place.

Then, Khorne took Skarbrand to a big Citadel and showed everyone what happens when you challenge him. After that, he threw Skarbrand away across the Chaos world.

Skarbrand went on a crazy rampage, destroying for eight days and nights. When he finally stopped, he made a huge hole in the ground and screamed his anger at the sky because he was kicked out forever.

After that, he started a forever journey of killing that was even more than all the killing he did before. Because he felt mad about betraying his master, Skarbrand is now like a living form of pure anger.

Wherever he goes, there is a lot of fighting and blood. He has these famous axes that have caused oceans of blood to be spilt in the name of Khorne. Skarbrand is all about chaos and death, and wherever he steps, there is more fighting and blood.

Nobody can escape his power of destruction, and he doesn’t care about loyalty or sense. He just wants to kill. But all this killing doesn’t change anything because Khorne, the Blood God, doesn’t feel sorry for him. Skarbrand is kicked out forever. Still, he tries hard to be a good servant to Khorne, even though he can’t go back home.

Some FAQs

Who was Skarbrand?

The Exalted Skarbrand (the “Exiled One”, the ‘Wrathful Reaper”, or the ‘Drinker of Blood’) is an Exalted Bloodthirster of Khorne, at one time easily the greatest of all the Greater Daemons in His service.

What happened to Skarbrand 40k?

Khorne then tossed Skarbrand across the Realm of Chaos. For eight solar days and nights, Skarbrand blazed a trail of fiery destruction, a live meteor flying across the realms of Chaos as it burned. Behind him were swathes charred black by conflagration.

Does Khorne ever forgive Skarbrand?

Particularly wrathful Bloodthirster Skarbrand was cursed by Khorne for an uncontrollable rage. It would be hard to imagine Khorne forgiving Skarbrand, for the Chaos God places a high value on bloodshed and he hardly ever shows mercy or forgiveness to those who are his enemies.

Is Skarbrand the strongest Demon?

Skarbrand Ragefeaster is a Bloodthirster of Khorne, one of the Greatest Servants of the Blood God, and an enemy character in Warhammer Fantasy. Of all the Chaos Daemons, he was the most powerful; mountains of skulls and oceans of blood for his master.