Everything We Know About The Squid Game Mask

squid game masks

Netflix’s K-Drama thriller series Squid Game has left both the fans and critics of Korean Drama awestruck. After its release in 2021, the show became popular in a short period, and soon everybody was seen talking about it. Fans have gone very crazy about the show’s stuff, especially the suid game mask and the green tracksuits that the contestants of the game were seen wearing. 

The show was written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk. The show was originally titled Round Six and had been rejected by numerous studios over the past ten years before Netflix decided to release it.

The show became a super hit as soon as it was released on Netflix in 2021. The show’s fans are obsessing too much over The squid game masks and their theory.

This article will tell you about different squid masks that the cast has worn in the show and their meaning. Stay tuned

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Squid game: Plot

Debt-ridden individuals desperate to get rid of their debts make it to the list of the participants of a dreadful game on a mysterious island. To win the fat prize, they have to play six games that they’ve all played with kids. Simple, isn’t it? But every time somebody gets disqualified, boom, he is killed. We are sure you wouldn’t have seen such a game anywhere else.

The story marks its beginning with a sneak peek of the lead character Gi Hun’s life, who is a poverty-stricken, compulsive gambler. He survives on his old mother’s income which is the only source of his family of two; His wife had recently divorced Gi Hun because of his gambling habit, so he is constantly attempting to be a responsible father for his daughter, who now lives with her mother and a financially stable stepfather.

After a long sad day, Gi hun meets a man at the station who invites him to play the game of ddakchi with him and promises him money if he wins. After many attempts, Gi hun wins the game and is given the reward by the man and a card with a number that is his entry ticket to a game that will change his life forever.

Due to huge debts and the desire to be a good father to his daughter, Gi hun accepts the offer and accepts to be a part of this game. 

After this, all the other characters are revealed as 495 debt-ridden individuals who had taken up the game to repay their debts with the prize money and live happily; little did they know that this game would change their fortune. The game rules are simple, and all of them are games they’ve already played as kids.

After the first game is over, the participants discover the game’s seriousness, and half of the players have been shot dead due to elimination.

The prize money is enough to clear all the participants’ debts, but there can only be one winner. Keep reading.

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Why were the workers inside the game venue wearing masks?

One of the most common questions about the show was about Squid Game Masks and why were the characters wearing masks?

The mysterious tournament Squid game took place on a remote, mysterious island that a group of elite individuals owns. The game contestants must compete in 6 children’s games, and the individual who will finish all the games alive will be given the prize money. Though some changes have been made to the rules of the games, anyone who loses a game would be eliminated, which means they would be killed on the spot.

The game organizers have stated that the masked individuals wear masks to ensure that a fair game is played and everybody is given an equal opportunity to win.

Everybody except the participants is seen wearing masks, including the workers, VIPs, and even the Front Man. 

The workers are obliged to wear masks to hide their identity from the players and each other; they have been given separate cells to sleep in and are instructed not to remove the mask outside it. Because of all this, the workers too did not know who another worker was.

3 Types of Squid game masks, which are Black, Animal Masks, and Metalic masks, have been seen in the show, and in this article, we will tell you about the meaning and purpose behind each type of Squid game mask. Stay tuned.

Black Mask

Throughout the show, a large group of workers wearing Red jumpsuits and masks was seen throughout the show helping the game run smoothly. These workers were not a part of the Elite group who were the organizers of the game, so it is being said that these workers may be working for the organizers in exchange for money. in exchange for money. So the individuals who wore red squid game masks were workers.

 The red squirt game masks also had some variations in them as some individuals were seen wearing masks that had a circle on them, some had triangles, and the others a square. These shapes probably depicted seniority. 

The workers who had a circle on their marks were the lowest-ranked workers. Their tasks included:

  • Completing basic and necessary duties like cleaning.
  • Mopping the blood.
  • Burning the dead bodies.
  • Serving food to the contestants.

The circle mask workers were not allowed to speak unless their seniors spoke to them.

The workers with triangles on their masks were the second-level workers. They were responsible for making sure that the rules of the Squid game were followed. They were also responsible for leading the groups of contestants from one place to another and killing the eliminated players. The triangle workers took care of the general well-being of the contestants.

The highest level of workers were those with a square marked on their squid game mask. They were superior to the circle and triangle workers and had the power to give them orders. The square workers received commands directly from the Front Man. They also had the privilege of watching the recorded CCTV video of the island.

But after all the powers, the square workers’ powers, they were also mere workers.

Everything except the shapes made on the mask about the workers’ uniform is the same; they were all seen wearing red jumpsuits with a black hood and a black mask with a shape on it that covered their entire face. This created a sense of unity among the workers, making them feel like a group and not diverse individuals. 

The workers were instructed to keep their masks on, and the Front Man was often seen warning them about the same.

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Metallic Mask

The man who wore a metallic mask was the Front Man. Unlike the workers who obeyed him, the Frontman was seen wearing an entirely different mask that too was black. Throughout half of the show, it seems like the Frontman is the man who is running the Squid game, but in the latter part of the show, the viewers realize that he too was working under the “Host,” whose identity is still not revealed.

He wears a diffrent squid game mask to distinguish himself from the workers. He is seen wearing a metal black angular mask on his face, making him look like a robot from a video game.

The Frontman wears a black uniform instead of a red one, and he, too, keeps his identity discreet from the participants by wearing a mask on his face.

Animal mask

The VIPs of the show wore Animal masks. These VIPs were a group of wealthy individuals who had come to watch the Squid Game. They were seen watching the live game through a huge screen in a separate fancy room filled with alcohol, food, and several servants. Unlike the players and the workers who talked in Korean, these people talked in English to each other and were seen telling the Frontman to alter the games to make them more difficult.

Because they are VIPs, their masks are special and fancier than other people’s masks. Their masks are golden in color, with each VIP having a different animal’s face on them, like a lion, deer, bull, bear, etc.

Their masks, too, are angular in the same way as Front Man’s mask but are way too expensive than the latter’s. 

There might be a hidden meaning behind the animals made on these masks, but nothing is confirmed. If that is so, then the tiger symbolizes power, so the person wearing a tiger mask may be a politician. The deer symbolizes the diviner, so the person wearing a deer mask might be a religious head. Similarly, a bear represents wealth, so the person wearing a bear mask can be a wealthy man or a popular national figure. 

But these are just guesses, and nothing is officially confirmed.

The major difference between the VIP mask and the workers’ mask is that all the workers wore the same maks that made them a conforming body rather than diverse individuals, VIPs, on the other hand, wore masks with different animal faces on them, depicting that they were all unique individuals and not a group or body.

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 Unmasked characters

The unmasked characters of the show were the participants of the Squid Game. The participants were not given any squid game masks, but they all wore the same green-colored uniform with different numbers.

The participants were the only unmasked characters in the show. Although the contestants are deprived of some aspects of their identity, they still do not wear any masks. This makes the contestants powerless to some degree, but it has been done so that other contestants can see who they are and will not get them mistaken for someone else.

Although several reasons have been given behind the wearing of squid game masks, the main reason remains to keep the identity of the organizers and workers of the game secret.

What do you think might be some possible reasons behind why the workers wore the squid game mask? Tell us about them in the comments below.