All you should know about Supreme Values MM2 list

Supreme Values MM2

Supreme values – When you play Murder Mystery, one of the first puzzles is finding the two weapons used to commit the crime. To find these weapons, you must go through a list of rooms and look for evidence. There are two ways in which objects can be classified: by their relative value or by their MM2 value.

Let’s take a closer look at what MM2 values mean and how they can help us to solve this puzzle. Supreme values are always lower than MM2 values and provide clues about which objects have more significance or weight (i.e., importance).

 Objects with a low supreme value will have an equally low MM2 Value because it stands for “Mostly Merely Middling”. Conversely, the higher the Supreme Value of an object, the higher the MM2 value and vice versa. Therefore, to find the weapons in Murder Mystery, we must look for objects associated with high values.

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Should you use mm2 supreme values

If you are bad at offense, adding supreme value to your list may give you a lot of points in a short time. On the other hand, if you are good at offense, adding Supreme Value to your list will help you focus on the real things, which is one thing that Supreme Value is good at. But if you are an expert player, Supreme Value may not be the right choice because it would help you play weaker than usual. 

How to use Supreme Value mm2

 For instance, SR or SSR is the highest tier in the game. And each tier has its value. For instance, in Z-HARD, All Stars SSR or All Stars UR are almost unbeatable, which is why their value is lower than other weapons with fewer stats and rarity.

 The higher the value of your cards, the more damage you can cause to your enemies! Just pick cards with Supreme Value according to your style of play. For example, if you like offense, pick those with a high value on offense stats; if you like defines, pick those with a high value on defense stats.

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What Is the Difference Between Supreme values and murder mystery values?

It’s an index to show how good your weapon is. And every weapon has its own Supreme Value, which means there are as many values as there are weapons in 9 categories. Remember that the value is related to the rarity of the weapons in 9 categories, which means it has nothing to do with the stats and potentials of the cards. Moreover, the supreme values is always lower than murder mystery values. In short, supreme values decrease with usage, whereas the MM2 value is exceptionally high and sustained for a more extended period. 

For instance, All-Stars SSR all-stars UR are almost unbeatable. The producer of Supreme Value is not a person but rather a group of people who want to help people improve their cards. That’s why Supreme Value is always lower than MM2 value. 

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mm2 value tier list:

As mentioned above, there are 9 categories. They are UR, SR, SSR, R, SR+, SSR+, R+ and the new one is N. The higher the number is in a category, the rarer it will be. As you can see from here:

1) The highest tier in Supreme Value is N: There are a lot of weapons with supreme values lower than N. So, if you want to improve your stats and get more points in a short time, choose SR or SSR category. 

2. R is next: This is a subcategory of SR! However, the difference is still not much. The value of both SR and Rare is on the same level as each other. In short, both categories are for beginners. So, if you want to improve your stats and get more points in a short time, choose SR or R category.

3) SSR: This category stands for SSR only! And its rarity is very high. So, if you can get one or two SSRs, do it. But if you have all SSRs, then the SR tier will be enough for you!

4) UR: UR means Ultimate Rarity. Once you get one or two UR, you will never want to trade them. 

5) SR+: If you have one or two SR, it’s time to upgrade your weapons because their value is close to SSR. In short, if you have any card that falls into this category, try to upgrade it as soon as possible!

6) SSR+: This category is pretty much like SR+. If you have any card that falls into this category, upgrade it ASAP because the value is very high!

7) R+: This is the lowest grade of Supreme Value. As you can see, there are a lot of cards with supreme values higher than R+. So, this grade will not give you many points if you have no cards in this category. So ignore it!

8) SR: The lowest grade in this category means there are plenty of weapons with supreme values lower than SR. There are only 7 cards in this category, so if you want to improve your stats and get more points in a short time, choose the other categories because they will give you more points than this category. 

In short, the higher the weapon’s supreme values, the more powerful it is! So use it wisely!

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