How Much Is A Nose Job? Know The Cost Of A Rhinoplasty Procedure 

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How Much Is A Nose Job: Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to change the nose’s shape, appearance, and size. Plastic surgery on the nose is common worldwide. Those unsatisfied with their nose’s appearance can undergo this type of surgery. As per America’s Society of plastic surgery, the most common nose surgery was performed in the US in 2020, where approx 3,52,550 patients underwent this procedure.¬†

Before going through any surgery, you should know how much it costs to reshape any of your body parts.

In this article, you will learn about the reshaping cost of the nose. The main aim of this blog is to give all relevant details of Rhinoplasty with its cost and the information related to insurance. Now come to the: How Much Is A Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty Cost: How Much Is A Nose Job?

The cost of Rhinoplasty ranges from $2100 to $13,000. However, the average cost of the procedure is around $7500. The Price of surgery depends on how complex and typical the technique is and the size of the nose. Several other factors depend; we will discuss that later in the article.

It depends on the patient and how often the technique needs to be performed. Like there are several patients who choose to perform the procedure a number of times to get the desired aesthetic such as a dorsal hump reduction and the Alarplasty of the nose

You should know that performing these procedures multiple times increases the cost of the whole surgery. Therefore, the cost of nose reshaping in Dallas is close to what is stated by RealSelf, which is approx $7700. Know: How Much Is A Nose Job?

The factors on which the cost of the surgery depends are: 

  • An operating room or Hospital charges 
  • The expertise of the surgeon and Experience 
  • Aftercare products
  • Check-up appointments 
  • Surgery location
  • Consultation charges
  • Post-procedure complications

Alarplasty Cost

Alarplasty is also a nose reshaping method that is performed specifically on nostrils. Patients with concerns about the nose’s width or who want to reduce the width of nostrils can go for this procedure. After having this surgery, you will get a narrow appearance of nostrils. 

Since in this technique, only the nostrils go under the alteration, the cost is less than surgery of the entire nose. Therefore, the average cost of Alarplasty is around $3000, according to RealSelf. It seems that the cost is much cheaper than the cost of Rhinoplasty.

Closed Rhinoplasty Cost 

Open and Closed Rhinoplasty are two main techniques of nose reshaping. In a close Rhinoplasty procedure for surgery, the skin of the nose need not be lifted. Therefore, this procedure needs complex surgery techniques that require expertise and good Experience. There are several surgeons who charge more to patients in performing the surgery in this way. How Much Is A Nose Job?

Not every surgeon can perform closed Rhinoplasty, and there are a number of patients who may not want this process. Therefore, before you undergo surgery, you should book a consultancy so that you can better know the technique and pricing. 

Dorsal Hump Reduction Cost

The dorsal hump means any bump of bone or cartilage on the nasal bridge of the patient. Those who want a straight-line nose can go for this surgery. A number of Rhinoplasty patients wish to look their noses smaller and straighter. It is possible only by removing the Dorsal hump so that that nose may look straight from the top of the nose to the nasal tip.

Every surgeon costs it differently. It depends on several factors like the location, the surgeon’s Experience, what is involved in the procedure, and the bump’s level. Moreover, the reduction of the Dorsal Hump can be performed by closed or open Rhinoplasty to shave off the bone and cartilage bump of the nose. According to RealSelf, the average of this procedure is around $7700.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

Once you have done any of the above surgery and are not satisfied with your reshaped nose, you need to perform the surgery again, which is called Revision Rhinoplasty. As per the reports, not every surgery is successful at one time; around 15% of the patients had performed the Revision Rhinoplasty.

Some patients face breathing issues after undergoing nose surgeries, so in that cases, the patient needs to undergo a Revision Rhinoplasty to improve their breathing level further.

Note that the procedure of Revision Rhinoplasty is more complex than the first time surgery. Also, the cost is more for revision Rhinoplasty. The average cost of this procedure comes out to be approx $10,000. The cost can vary depending on the extent of alteration and the patient’s issues.

If you face any issue after nose surgery, look for expertise with significant Experience. Discuss all the issues you are facing with your surgeon. Consult the price of surgery before performing the surgery.

Tip Rhinoplasty Cost

 Tip Rhinoplasty is performed when the patient is not satisfied with the nasal tip’s shape, size, and position. For instance, several patients are unhappy with the small size of their noses. In that cases, a nasal tip graft is added to your nose to alter the shape and enhance the size of the nose. The graft material has often added cartilage taken from your body.

The technique is simple than performing the surgery on the entire nose. Therefore, the cost is also less as only the nasal tip is operated. So, the average cost of nose shaping ranges between $2100 to $13,000. The cost of surgery can vary depending on the desire of the patient. How Much Is A Nose Job?

We recommend you consult the costing your surgeon before undergoing surgery.

Septoplasty Cost

To enhance the breathing difficulties of the patient, a Septoplasty procedure is performed. If the nostril of the patient gets blocked and the breathing is impaired because of a deviated septum, we can go for this technique of surgery. The average cost of surgery is around $6500. In contrast, there are some insurance providers who help cover the cost of the procedure.

Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Cost 

You can combine these two procedures to reshape your nose. If any patient has both aesthetic issues and wants to enhance their breathing and fix the deviated septum, they can combine these two processes. If you go for these two surgeries simultaneously, it should cost you cheaper than performing separately. We recommend you consult your surgeon before this procedure, and you should book expertise with a good experience.

Does Insurance Cover Septoplasty?

If you want to go for surgery to reshape your nose, then you have to pay more. At the same time, some insurance companies cover the cost of your surgery. Septoplasty is undertaken for medical purposes. Therefore some insurance providers cover the cost. Before going to the surgery, you should consult your insurance provider to see if you qualify for the criteria of funding.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is a nose job worth it?

Yes, a nose job is literally worthwhile. RealSelf gives a 91% rating to Rhinoplasty surgery. There are around 9000 recent reviews with a high satisfaction rate. If you also want to reshape your nose, you can go for it and boost your self-confidence. 

What is the average cost of Rhinoplasty surgery?

The average cost of Rhinoplasty surgery is approx $5000, according to the RealSelf. The average cost of surgery means the cost of surgery only as it does not include the charges of operating room facility, anesthesia, and other expenses.

Is Rhinoplasty a permanent solution?

Yes, it is a permanent solution to reshape your nose. Besides, choose the best cosmetic surgeon who can give your desired results. For more details about Rhinoplasty, read the complete article.

How long is nose job recovery?

It takes around six weeks to heal the bones of your nose. During this time of recovery, avoid strenuous exercise and other movements like lifting, stretching, and blending as it can increase nasal swelling.


Wrapping up the blog: How Much Is A Nose Job?, whose aim is to provide relevant information regarding the surgery of nose reshaping.  Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to change the nose’s shape, appearance, and size. Plastic surgery on the nose is common worldwide. Those unsatisfied with their nose’s appearance can undergo this type of surgery. After reading all the techniques, we recommend you consult with an expert who has good experience in this field as the appearance of the nose is the most significant part of your face. Therefore, you should go to a specialist. We have mentioned all the techniques with their average pricing. Different institutes have different costing, so kindly consult your surgeon for the exact details.

We hope you found this article an important source of information. If you have ever undergone any plastic surgery, kindly mention your Experience in the comment box below.

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