That Gift You Have In Mind May Not Be A Good Choice! Here’s What Psychology Says!


The Holiday season is only a few months away, but that’s not the only time of the year we have to worry about gifts. In fact, gift shopping can be quite a stressful endeavor, whether you’re preparing for Christmas or an anniversary. 

In today’s day and age, almost anyone can buy the things they need for themselves. So, unless you know the person really well and can anticipate their needs, you have to find a new way to make a great impression with your gift. 

In addition, psychology teaches us that a good gift is not about the cost or being practical. A truly good gift shows you know the receiver and their aspirations and preferences. It’s all about creating as much joy as possible by offering an object or service that’s significant for your relationship. 

Still, there are times when nothing seems good enough for your friend/spouse/child. If this is the case, here are a few tips on how to offer a gift that can let you off the hook. 

Stress Relievers 

We all live stressful lives, and 2020 didn’t do us any favors! So, if you know the receiver has a demanding job or is always under a lot of pressure at home or at school, get them a gift that helps them relax more. 

A great idea is a day at the spa with included massage and maybe some aromatherapy. No one can stay tense after a day of proper pampering!

Another option that works great in this case is a pampering gift-box, with all the necessary ingredients for a relaxing day at home. In fact, there are plenty of gift-box theme ideas that can make you the best gift-giver in the world!

Baked Goods

If you like to bake and know the receiver appreciates your efforts, it can be a very nice gesture to offer a nicely-packed bag of cookies. Even better, if you know they don’t eat high-calorie foods, there are some delicious healthy low-calories cookies you can try. 

Besides, baked goods can be shared with the entire party, so everyone can join and try your famous dish. Since you made them yourself, it shows you put time, effort, and money in the gift; you didn’t just order them online (like most gifts nowadays). 

Even more, if you make them healthy and delicious, you’ll definitely be the best gift-giver at the party! Just make sure you take into account any allergies the receiver might have.

Offer Experiences

Objects that have a special significance are nice, but (eventually) they will end up in a closet somewhere, gathering dust. So, it may be best to offer an experience, like a short trip outside of town, or a weekend getaway with friends, or maybe a class you know the receiver is interested in.

However, this doesn’t work in every situation. According to one study, we tend to give material gifts to people we don’t feel very close to, which makes sense. If you’re shopping for a colleague or an acquaintance, you don’t know what they like (in terms of experiences). Also, an experience gift is more personal, especially if it’s something you plan on doing together, or it’s an experience for a couple. 

So, yes, it’s a really cool idea to offer an experience as a gift. But only if you know the receiver well enough to choose something they’ll actually enjoy. 

Wrap Up

The perfect gift is not the most expensive and flashy one. It’s the one that shows you put thought and consideration in getting it. A good gift shows you listen to the receiver when they express their wishes and problems and can create a stronger bond between the two of you. 

If you hope to be better friends with the receiver or want the relationship to advance, a gift can be the right opportunity.