The Evolution Of Casino Fashion

casino house party

When you think of the evolution of casinos and casino gaming, you’re probably going to picture how the industry was once land-based casino orientated but has evolved into one of the leading online enterprises around. However, something which has developed alongside casinos, in general, is the fashion and dress code, and, in a way, it helps detail the journey the casino industry has been on.

Gambling, as everyone will imagine, has been around forever. And when we say forever, we mean centuries. And it’s from here that casinos were born, with the first of them beginning to surface in the seventeenth century, and they were known as “casino houses.” Even today, visiting many land-based casinos is seen as a formal occasion, and playing at these so-called casino houses centuries ago is where this was birthed, with men attending in three-corner hats and the shirts, jackets and trousers to match, and women in dresses incorporating corsets.

From the seventeenth century to the nineteenth century, because casino venues began to grow in popularity, the fashion involved evolved alongside side the growth. But what was also apparent was the variety that came to the fore. So, while tricorne (three-cornered) hats and the attire from the seventeenth century held their own for a good while, and so did women wearing dresses that sported corsets, we also saw men a combination of shirts, jeans and waistcoats enter the fray, for example. But the overall dress code insisted on everyone looking smart, a common theme.

Early into the twentieth century, laws came into place to prohibit gambling, which meant that playing at casinos was off-limits for the time being. It led to some people visiting unofficial casinos, but patrons still had to turn up looking smart. Usually, men wore suits and ties, while women wore dresses. And when it was legal to begin visiting casino venues again, this formal approach stuck, and in many places, this remains the dress code today.

We say in many places because it is often the place, be it the country, the city or the venue, that will determine what casino players should wear when visiting. Using Monte Carlo as an example, casinos here are the type of places where you must be impeccably turned out in a tuxedo or a dress, with no exceptions. However, some casinos in London, for example, are more than happy for patrons to dress casually, whether in a smart shirt and trousers or even a  pair of jeans.

And nowadays, while the above applies to land-based casinos, there are also online gaming platforms to consider too. For a more casual experience, it takes no dressing up to play a game of online bingo or check out one of the many casino apps on your phone This is becoming a growing trend for those who don’t fancy making an effort and primarily looking for a fun relaxed time, which is why so many prefer to play games at home online or on the go on mobile. After all, they can then control the fashion, or lack thereof, if they so wish.