Underrated Horror Movies

underrated horror movies

Underrated Horror movies are super popular, and lots of people love them. If you enjoy getting scared and feeling your heart race, even if you sometimes hide your eyes. we’ve compiled a list of some really good but not-so-famous scary movies that will make it hard for you to sleep. Let’s discuss some underrated horror movies:

Underrated Horror Movies

Here we mentioned a list of 20+ underrated horror movies:

Messiah of Evil (1974)

These type of underrated horror movies takes you to a weird seaside town called Point Dune. In the story, a young woman named Arletty comes to find her artist father, who has gone missing. As she explores the town, she meets some odd, pale people who only come out at night and discover a secret that links them to her father’s vanishing. 

Messiah of Evil is a slowly unfolding and underrated horror movies that you will not forget.

Shock Waves (1977)

Some people on vacation end up stuck on a lonely island. They do not know that this island used to be a place where the Nazis did scary tests, and now, there are zombie Nazi soldiers in the water. 

Shock Waves is a special kind of scary movie because it combines underwater horror with zombies from the past, and it is a movie that not many people talk about but really should.

Spontaneous Combustion (1984)

In this movie, a guy named Sam discovers he can suddenly burst into flames. He cannot control it very well because it is a dangerous power. The government wants to use his power for themselves, and they start chasing him. 

Spontaneous Combustion is an exciting and surprising scary movie that shows how having too much power can be really bad.

After… (2006)

This strange and spooky movie is about a girl named Ana who had a bad car crash. She sees weird things and feels very scared and confused. She cannot tell what is real and what is not. After… is a scary movie that makes you question what is true and what is not.

Dagon (2001)

A story by H.P. Lovecraft inspires this scary movie. It is about a young couple who get stuck in a creepy town called Imboca by the sea. They discover the town’s spooky secrets, meet old sea gods, see strange ceremonies, and go through a very scary change that puts their lives in danger. 

Dagon is a movie that looks really amazing and gives you a spooky feeling, just like the scary stories written by Lovecraft.

Body Bags (1993)

A famous horror maker, John Carpenter, directs a collection of three scary stories. In the first one, called “The Gas Station,” a girl working late meets a killer who leaves a creepy sign behind. In “Hair,” a funny story, a man gets hair surgery that goes really wrong. 

Lastly, in “Eye,” a baseball player gets an eye transplant from a dead killer and starts seeing scary things and wanting to hurt people. Body Bags is a spooky collection of stories that shows how good Carpenter is at making scary stuff.

The Resurrected (1991)

This spooky movie is built on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. It is about a detective named John March who tries to figure out what happened to a guy named Charles Dexter Ward. His search takes him to a quiet place in New England, where he discovers a scary group connected to old rituals and bringing dead bodies back to life. The Resurrected is a very creepy movie that looks really cool and is based on Lovecraft’s story.

Session 9 (2001)

Some guys who clean up dangerous dust go to work at an old crazy people’s hospital. They do not know how scary it will be. While they work there in the creepy quiet, they find records of the crazy patients and see weird things that start making them lose their minds. 

Session 9 is a scary movie that gets more and more frightening as it tells the story of the spooky hospital and the people working there who are losing their minds.

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

A girl named Jessica, who is getting better from a mind problem, goes to live in a lonely farmhouse with her husband and friend. However, as she gets used to her new home, she gets more and more scared by weird things happening, and she keeps seeing a strange lady who seems to be around all the time. 

This movie, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death, is very spooky and puzzling. It makes you feel scared about things you do not understand and not knowing what is real or not.

The Changeling (1980)

A sad musician named John Russell goes to live in a big, old house to be by himself after his wife and daughter die. However, he finds out he is not the only one in the house. There is a bad spirit with a sad story. 

The Changeling is a really good spooky house movie that makes you feel really scared and curious about what is happening.

The Legend of Hell House (1973)

A team of ghost hunters, led by Dr. Barrett, has to check out the Belasco House, a really spooky mansion with a scary past. When they look into the house’s secrets, they find evil things that make them question their minds and put their lives in danger. 

This movie, The Legend of Hell House, is a classic haunted house story that mixes mind-scary stuff with ghostly things.

The Case of the Bloody Iris (1972)

This is an Italian movie that mixes a murder mystery with scary slashing. It is a cool and tense thriller. There are some really brutal killings happening to fashion models in Rome. An inspector named Gianni Di Salvo starts looking into it. 

He finds out some bad things about the fashion world and has to deal with a killer who wears a mask and leaves bloody irises behind. The Case of the Bloody Iris is a movie that looks really interesting and keeps you wondering what is going to happen until the end.

The Addiction (1995)

There is a student named Kathleen who studies philosophy. One day, she gets bitten by a strange lady, and it makes her want to drink blood a lot. She gets mixed up with vampires and starts thinking about what it means to be alive, having an addiction, and what is right and wrong. 

The Addiction is a cool and deep underrated horror movies that makes you think about the not-so-nice parts of people.

The Vanishing (1988)

This movie is from the Netherlands, and it is a mystery with much thinking in it. It is about a guy named Rex who wants to find his girlfriend Saskia because she disappeared at a stop on the road. He does not give up looking, and he meets a regular guy who says he knows where Saskia is. 

The Vanishing is a scary and exciting movie that shows how much someone can want something and how bad people can be.

The Orphanage (2007)

Laura used to run an orphanage when she was younger. Now, she comes back to her old home with her husband and a boy they adopted. They want to make the orphanage a place for kids with special needs. 

However, strange things start happening, and Laura feels like ghostly things are going on. Also, her son starts talking to an invisible boy. 

The Orphanage is a scary and sad movie from Spain with a touching story.

The House of the Devil (2009)

This movie is like a trip back to the 1980s scary stories. It is about a college student named Samantha who takes a babysitting job in a big, lonely house to make some money. However, as the night goes on, she figures out that a scary ritual is going on, and she has to find a way to get away from the house’s secrets to stay safe

The House of the Devil is a tense and spooky movie that remembers old-time horror stories.

The Invitation (2015)

Will attends a dinner party at his ex-wife Eden’s place, where she lives with her new husband David. He wants to see his old friends and make peace with his past relationship. However, as the night goes on, he starts feeling increasingly worried about what Eden and David are up to. He becomes very scared and suspicious. 

The Invitation is a movie that takes its time to get scary. It keeps making you more and more tense, ending with a shocking and unforgettable ending.

The Wailing (2016)

In a faraway village in South Korea, a weird sickness makes people act crazy and violent. A police officer named Jong-goo tries to find out what is going on. It seems like a stranger from Japan might be connected to it. As he looks into the problem more, he meets people who talk to spirits, evil forces, and many hidden things that could hurt him. 

The Wailing is a great mix of ghostly scares, police work, and talking about society. It is a scary movie that also makes you think and stays in your mind after you watch it.

Some Questions

What are some underrated horror movies?

Session 9, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, The Invitation, Lake Mungo, The Wailing

Why are some horror movies underrated?

Limited exposure, unconventional approach, lack of major studio backing

Where can I find underrated horror movies?

Streaming platforms, online rentals, critic recommendations, horror communities