Have You Heard About “TINDER PASSPORT”

tinder passport

TINDER PASSPORT– You may modify your location upon that Tinder app using Tinder Passport, allowing you to swipe & compare with singles in just about any place you want.

How does it function?

It’s easy to change your location on Tinder:

  • From the settings or app settings page, select location (Android) or “Swiping in” (iOS).
  • Select “Add a new place” from the menu.
  • In the search bar, type the name of the city you wish to swipe to.
  • Choose it from the list of search results.
  • To modify your region, tap the blue flag.

After you’ve done this, only Tinder individuals in that region will be able to see your profile.

You can switch among your five most current destinations by simply pressing the city you’re now in to switch where you’ve been swiping. Your matches would be able to see their position thanks to Tinder Passport’s ability to display distance. You are allowed to change your area as frequently as you’d like; however, for a maximum of 24 hours following you leave an area, matches you’ve “loved” may still be able to see your profile.

Additionally, nobody in your “actual” physical location will be able to view your profile. Although if you sign out now and back into the app, you will continue to be displayed in your vacation destination unless you explicitly return to it.

You have the option of moving.

Your profile receives a little “new user” bump when you move your region on Tinder Passport. As a result, you will initially receive more views.

Additionally, it’s the quickest and most trustworthy method to lie about where you are on Tinder.

The Bad Report

Tinder Passport costs money. For Tinder Plus, you must pay 900 shillings each month (or 1900 shillings if you’re over 31).

Additional premium benefits included with Tinder Plus include unlimited right swipes, additional Superior Likes, and a free Tinder Boost each month. Find out what you receive with Tinder Plus in detail, or just head to Tinder Gold to obtain everything. Additionally, stay in mind that Tinder Passport can be detected. Your profile’s distance from them will probably fall far beyond their search criteria.

Does Tinder Passport Make Tinder Worth the Money?

The position switcher is perhaps worth the price if you travel and wish to meet new individuals when you arrive at your destination. Why don’t you finish all the legwork before your arrival? It can take hours to move from match to communication to meet up.

You won’t have to stop scrolling in one place while residing in another if you divide your time among two (or more) cities. It’s about having your options on the table, and Tinder has succeeded in making cross-border dating possible so that individuals may now consider their possibilities from those other nations.


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Q1) Is there another place I can use Tinder?

Ans: Utilising Tinder Passport, a VPN, a GPS application, a proxy server, or other tools, you can change your location on Tinder. Tinder would believe you are somewhere other than you are if you alter the IP address of your device.

Q2) How many cities can I travel to using a Passport?

Ans: You can shift locations as often as you wish, but you will only theoretically be inside one city at once. For up to 24 hours following changing your region, individuals you’ve liked using the Passport function may continue to see your profile.