What are the Amazon mystery boxes?


Amazon Mystery boxes are quite popular on the internet these days. Perhaps, you have seen some YouTubers unboxing some gifts.

Amazon mystery boxes are filled with surprise gifts. It is completely anonymous to the customer until he gets it, except for the category they belong to. Here we will discuss certain doubts regarding the Amazon Mystery Boxes. 

What are mystery boxes exactly?

Are these Amazon mystery boxes worth it?

Should we consider them buying?

Are they legit?

Why does anybody wish to get anything he does not know anything about?

There are such doubts in everyone’s mind. Let us make it clear:

How to buy Amazon mystery gifts?

Like all other items, you can buy an Amazon mystery box. You can sort them by category, price, and quality.

Before buying anything, make sure the seller is legit. No one holds the claim later.

Mostly all the sellers have assured the quality and condition of the product.

What will you get in the box?

No two mystery gifts are the same. You can never predict before what the box would contain. More commonly, these items are not sold by the seller.

Also, reading the reviews can help you know the category and quality of the products.

How much does it cost?

Like all other items on Amazon, you can check their price.

The price of a gift box depends on the size and category you selected; generally, it varies from a few dollars to high rates.

What are the Pros and Cons of buying it?

Like other products you buy on Amazon,  mystery boxes have pros and cons. Let us discuss them one by one.

Pros of Amazon Mystery Boxes

  • Varieties in a small amount

In a small amount, you can get a variety of products which cost very less. Like, 100 pieces of anything in just 200Rs would not be a bad deal.

Buying a mystery box sometimes pays off the value of the product.

  • Resale the valuable items

If you do not feel like the item is good or worthy. You can resell the product inside the box at any time. Sometimes you get a better deal, and reselling can make you a higher profit.

  • You get a surprise

Everyone likes a surprise. If you research and get a good seller, you can get a worthy and pleasant surprise, but sometimes it comes down to luck, and you get either a damaged or unworthy gift.

  • Category by your choice

Unlike the other platforms, on Amazon, you can choose the category of the Amazon mystery box, so at least you know the type of item you will get.

  • Save money

What if you get the article you always want to purchase along with other items?

Surprise right?? The mystery box will pay off in this situation. Although, it is very rare and can be a risk.

 Cons of Amazon Mystery Boxes

  • Seller’s benefit

Mystery boxes mostly contain the old stuff of the warehouse. The selling purpose of a seller can be anything. It might be possible that the seller wants to create a space for new stuff, or it can be the unsold items. So it is always a risk-taking decision to buy it.

The seller may sell the mystery boxes to get rid of the unwanted inventory. If you have any problem with any boxes, many sellers would not even respond to the customers. There would not be any claim and help you get.

  • No guarantee/Warranty

There is no guarantee, warranty, or return policy for the mystery gifts. What you get is all about your luck.

  • Low value on resale

Sometimes, you get a very low value of the product on reselling; it might lead to loss.

Because buying a Mystery box does not guarantee getting the valuable product inside the packed boxes.

  • Risk of getting the unworthy product

What else you can expect from a gift box that you do not decide on. Sometimes, the box may not be what it appears to be, and it might be your bad luck if you get trash inside the box.


After the elaborated discussion, you can now answer, Are Amazon mystery boxes worth it? It must be your personal decision if you are willing to buy the mystery gift.

Yes, it is fun and exciting, but not always you go with luck. As per some reviews on the internet, it is noted that mystery gifts are not always worthy. Despite taking a risk, you can wait for a good deal on the item you wish to purchase.

Instead of facing deceit and getting nothing you want in the box, you can buy any other product you need at a discount.

Usually, Amazon runs a sale and sells items at a higher discount. You can save money there rather than buy mystery gifts.