What is Felching -The term ‘Felching’ refers to the procedure in which sperm from the anus of a person is put into another person’s mouth. It can be done by both hands and other objects, even by the penis. 

People have taken this term as a pleasurable sex act between two adults, instead, it is much more dangerous if not done right. 

Thus, in this article, we will be telling you about the meaning of felching, its causes, risks, and its preventive measures.  

What does Felching mean?

If we talk about the Felching definition ‘It is the process of sucking and consuming semen/seminal fluid during sexual intercourse from another person’s vagina or anus’. Some of you might have heard terms like anilingus or anal sex, these are the terms that define felching. Basically, it is an oral-anal contact in which a person sucks another person’s vagina/anus using his organs like tongue, lips, and teeth of his mouth. As much as it sounds pleasurable it is dangerous on the other hand, a person becomes vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

What are the causes of Felching? / Reasons for people doing Felching?

Even though it feels pleasing, you still need to know why couples actually do Felching. Despite the penetrative sex, couples go for consuming each other’s fluids from the anus which gives them a feeling of closeness and sensual gratification. One council quoted – A person experiences greatest satisfaction when your partner comes inside of you and himself consumes the fluid from down there. 

Felching makes the couple become more comfortable with each other and builds a foundation of sexual satisfaction. Some more reasons for felching must be mentioned:-

  • The most common and frequent cause of felching is a desire for oral-anal intercourse adding more pleasure to their act.
  • Some men do it in the name of cleaning up their partner after sexual intercourse, which ends up giving their partner additional orgasms. 
  • After sex, men do it to get some relaxation before moving on to the next round which happens to be a mix for their partners.
  • Health reasons can also be a concern as it may be asked in some people’s medication.
  • Also, people suffering from Haemorrhoids may find oral-anal sex beneficial for them if they are predisposed to infections.
  • Many couples may do it to break the stereotype and experience new things. If society considers it prohibited then they might want to change it. 
  • Couples involve in Felching when they are at the peak of their sensation and do it just out of enjoyment.

Therefore, there is no single reason why people are involved in Felching, rather other factors enforce it. But if it seems to you that you are aroused mentally for Felching then you must consider getting a consultation from the doctor. 

What Health Risks does Felching involve?

Like I said, with so much pleasure comes the risk of getting dangerous diseases. People involved in felching may encounter diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, or C. because when you consume the seminal fluid, several microorganisms may enter your body leading to these above-mentioned sexually transmitted diseases. Also, bacterial illnesses like E. Coli and salmonella are likely to happen if you intake bodily fluid and it comes in contact with any exposed wound. 

Anal-oral intercourse is very uncommon yet harmful if not done appropriately. 

Regardless of the fact that Felching is done on oneself or happened between two adults with consent, it can involve these health consequences-

  • Bacterial Infection proneness.
  • Cancer of the Prostate– Although, the causes of prostate cancer are not certain. Yet, some study reports say that men who are involved in felching whether it is done on themselves or others are more vulnerable to cancer than those who are not at all involved in these kinds of sexual activities. Scientists are still working to find a more relevant connection between Felching and Prostate cancer.
  • Hemorrhoids– It is advised that a person who is suffering from hemorrhoids should not be involved in this sexual act. Anilingus intercourse might make you bleed more frequently and make it worse. 
  • Vaginal or rectal diffusion can be led by skin-to-skin contact with seminal fluids. 
  • HIV/AIDS- You might have heard that unprotected intercourse leads to these sexually transmitted diseases. But, anal intercourse poses a huge risk of these diseases for a person because of the fluid contact between the individuals. 
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease- Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia are some of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) that happen to a person due to bacterial infection during intercourse. Seminal fluids involve germs that get transmitted to each other leading to these diseases. Fever is one of its symptoms. Even death can be caused due to its severity. 
  • Urinary Tract Infections– When semen enters your urinary tract or urethra, Urinary Tract Infections are caused. People who are suffering from uterus issues may notice some more symptoms like Licentiousness i.e, excrement from your anus even when you don’t feel like going.  
  • Hepatitis- The risk of hepatitis infection s more with analingus intercourse than with oral-anal sex because seminal fluids involve hints of blood which is mainly the cause of the spread of this disease.
  • Other complications- Feeling of nausea, diarrhea, and rectal hemorrhage are the noticeable post complications of Felching. Some of these symptoms are suppressed with drugs if you don’t see them going away then you must consult your doctor for further recovery. 

What Preventive Measures to be taken for Felching?

For preventing infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, you need to take certain precautions;

  • Starting with, you must use a condom while having sexual intercourse with your partner. Safe sex is a must.
  • Don’t get involved with someone who has a risk of STDs. rather the person should be negative for HIV and AIDS.
  • Sexual intercourse with multiple partners makes you vulnerable to infections therefore, it should be minimized and protection should be used each time.
  • You must be aware of the wounds/injuries on your and your spouse’s sexual organs. As, if open wounds come in contact with seminal fluids it can lead to infections.
  • In case you have encountered Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia then you must see a doctor and follow the prescribed medication course.
  • Infections like HIV can not be treated with prescribed medicines and antibiotics but it should be prevented from progressing to AIDS.
  • Even if you are not sick or infected, yet you must stick to the safe sex measure.
  • During every sexual intercourse or oral-anal sex, you must wear condoms to avoid skin-to-skin contact with injuries or body fluids, it reduces your chance of getting any kind of disease.


All in all, Felching can lead to a dangerous problem if not done right. You must take precautions like condoms, avoiding multiple partners, sex with an infected person, and a person who is injured in his private parts. If you are suffering from any kind of infection that may get worse by anilingus intercourse then you should get yourself tested for STD. consulting with the doctor is always an option in any condition. The above article has all the required information one needs to know about Felching along with Felching’s definition.


Q1) How is Felching done?

Ans- While having sexual intercourse, a person sucks or consumes the seminal fluid/semen from another person’s anus.

Q2) Are Felching and Rimming the same?

Ans- When a person sucks the other person’s anus inside out it is termed Rimming. It is a process when you get your tongue consummated with the fluid.

Q3) Is Felching popular among gay guys?

Ans- Felching is much popular with gay guys or homosexual men.

Q4) Is Felching considered safe?

Ans- It differs from person to person. Sexual intercourse and felching should be done with individuals with no HIV and AIDS, no injuries to genitals, and using protection. Then, your chances of unsafe sex are reduced which ultimately minimizes the infection threat.