What does the bible say about tattoos in revelations?


What does the bible say about tattoos in revelations – In today’s world, many people have tattoos, and it’s becoming more popular. It’s not just for rebellious people anymore, as the association between tattoos and rebellion is fading.

Some Christians wonder if it’s okay to get tattoos, and they think it’s a topic the Bible doesn’t clearly address. Let’s discuss what does the bible say about tattoos in revelations.

The Christian perspective on getting tattoos is a bit complex:

If you’re wondering what the Bible says about getting a tattoo, it’s not entirely clear. Some people might be inclined to get one because the Bible mentions tattoos in a few places. For example, in Genesis 4:15, there’s talk of the “mark of Cain,” which some see as a sign of God’s grace, even for a murderer. 

Tattoos are also mentioned in Ezekiel 9:46, where a mark is placed on the faithful, and in Isaiah 11:5, where people are told to their lords. This might be linked to tattooing slaves with their owner’s name in ancient times.

Interestingly, Isaiah 49:16 says that God has “engraved” people on the palms of His hands. While the reason for this isn’t explicit, some Bible scholars like Sandra Jacobs suggest it’s associated with a wedding. So, symbolically, when people get married, they and God get matching tattoos.

Name of another deity

Getting a tattoo with another god’s name is like having your ex’s name tattooed on you. Your spouse probably won’t be happy about it. This reminds us of a rule in Leviticus 19:28 that says not to cut or mark your body for the dead or get tattoos. It’s because God said so.

Some experts, like Harold Liebowitz and John Huehnergard, are puzzled by this rule and think that tattoos might have been connected to slavery back in Bible times. But in the Old Testament, Israel sometimes had a habit of thinking about other gods, too.

Tattoos and Youth Culture

These days, some parents let their kids get tattoos, even though they might disapprove of others with many tattoos. It can be a bit inconsistent.

Even nowadays, toy companies sell kits that let kids put temporary designs on their bodies with washable ink. It might seem like a game that is harmless, but some people worry that it’s like the enemy (meaning the devil) getting our kids used to the idea of getting real tattoos later. Some even think that a number might be tattooed on people’s foreheads or hands.

If that is true, it could be seen as the devil getting people ready to accept his evil mark because tattoos are more common now. A number of young people might not realize that they could regret getting tattoos in the future. We’ve talked to many people who said they felt a bit foolish for getting tattoos when they were young.


In this article, we’ve talked a lot about what does the bible say about tattoos in Revelations. We also mentioned the idea that Jesus has a thigh tattoo. We suggest some investigation on your own to learn more and understand better.


Did Jesus have a tattoo on his thigh?

A lot of folks believe Jesus had a tattoo, but that’s not really true. Jesus wouldn’t have gone against God’s rules in Leviticus. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Jesus or any of his followers got tattoos?

This idea is more like a symbol. In those days, a king might have his title written on his clothing or a banner that said “kings of kings.”

Is getting a Tattoo a sin?

Some Christians think that because the only mention of tattoos is in the old part of the Bible, which doesn’t apply to Christians anymore, and there’s no mention of tattoos in the newer part of the Bible, then it’s not a sin to get one.