What Is NBA Floor Sweeper Salary?


NBA floor sweeper salary

An NBA sweeper is highly in-demand, as seen by the pay and workplace. Although performing on the court may be more spectacular, becoming an NBA floor sweeper is an interesting job with an honorable wage.

 You can be close to the action, witness various fascinating things that many overlook, and serve in one of the most enjoyable locations globally.

Money, nevertheless, is the most crucial factor in every job. The NBA floor sweeper salary is not widely known, even though every fan or player knows it. This article examines NBA floor sweeper salaries and covers other broad information about their jobs.

NBA games’ legacy

A basketball league called the National Basketball Association was founded in New York in May of 1947. It was once known as the Basketball Association of America. This is North America’s most well-known basketball league, with 30 American and one Canadian team.

The NBA, which it represents, is among the world’s most well-liked, prosperous, and fervently supported athletic organizations. It boasts one of the largest fan bases of any men’s basketball league. Thirty teams typically make up each squad.

How much does an NBA floor sweeper make?

The NBA’s sweepers and floor cleaners can make up to $110,000 annually. Remember that various criteria, including training, affect the overall wage. An NBA floor sweeper salary is around $81,000 a year.

Pro Tip:

Experience is a key element in determining your pay grade: 

· $50,000 in under two years.

· $81,000 over two years.

· Over five years, $95k more.

Unexpectedly high pay

Although acting as a floor sweeper is less common than a job in the office, it’s still similar to any other profession in that you must climb your way up through the ranks. Most individuals would believe that every sweeper makes the same amount of money. That is not the case.

This is a good amount of cash, especially considering that they don’t even have to put in long hours and get to hang out in such a fun setting, but it’s also well justified considering everything they provide to the NBA.

Providing you are skilled at what you do and have a considerable amount of experience, you can earn approximately $110,000 as a professional NBA floor sweeper salary.

Although they are compensated generously in the NBA, floor sweepers typically earn the federal minimum wage, despite the importance of their work.

Changing Balances

Numerous elements can determine how well a sweeper can earn, so the average sweeper’s income is $81,000 instead of a fixed base. It’s natural to assume that every cleaner receives the same salary each season, but this is not the case for most of them. 

How much do NBA floor cleaners make? 

An NBA floor sweeper’s salary is probably around $61,000 to $71,000 annually. A sweeper with extensive knowledge of the game may make up to $80,000 to $110,000 annually. The pay increases as they put in more effort.

Additionally, the salaries paid out by each team vary. How much floor cleaners make is based on the employers. Some pay a little bit more than the median, while others give a little lower.


Keep in mind that while the NBA Floor Sweeper salary is excellent, a considerable amount of work is required.

A Difficult but Successful Career

Throughout breaks in play and halftime, a sweeper sweeps the floor with a mop. They also wipe out the court for any unintentional landings or jump shots. In other words, they have to walk outside and help ensure the floor doesn’t get moist from perspiration or water.

Although it isn’t a very rewarding career, it is crucial to preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of athletes. Just be aware that when the lights are bright, they aren’t unwinding.

 Sweepers must always be prepared to move. Clean-up quickly takes effort. They have to enter the field thirty or more instances every game. That number can increase to eighty or even more for really tense matches.

How do I apply to work as an NBA floor cleaner?

An NBA floor cleaner position requires a certain combination of skills and knowledge, both of which must be attained. Therefore, the application process might vary. They use various techniques to recruit the cleaning crew, including mopping boys or floor cleaners, and these techniques range from group to group.

Unfortunately, your preferred team won’t acknowledge your candidacy without appropriate knowledge and skills in this subject. Although cleaning a basketball court may seem like a regular job, the pay is rather substantial. Due to the high number of applications, it is important to stand out to make a strong first impression.

How Does one become an NBA Court Sweeper?

The following are some measures you can take to work as a court sweeper or cleaner for the NBA:

Ø One can check out all the open positions published on NBA.com by going there. NBA also publishes on indeed.com. There, you may also get a general sense of the salary of an NBA floor cleaner.

Ø Jobs can be found on LinkedIn as well. You can get the answers you want by adding filters like talent development or human resources. How much NBA floor cleaners make can also be found out on the same. 

Ø Search their email account and email them asking about the NBA floor mopper compensation and the application process.

 NBA Floor Cleaner’s Responsibilities:

One ought to be conscious of the responsibilities involved in carrying out this work, knowing that you’re informed of the NBA floor sweeper wage. A mopping boy, sweeper, and floor cleaner’s main responsibility is to keep the court tidy.

They must always maintain the play area free of dampness and moisture. The floor needs to be regularly mopped because the sportsmen regularly run around it and jump; the floor cleaner/ sweeper does this. An NBA sweeper may also assist with establishing the seats and transferring and removing equipment, among other tasks.


Several individuals would kill to have this challenging opportunity as an NBA sweeper or cleaner, particularly with their preferred team. Numerous positions are available, but each organization can only have a certain number.

Although the hefty NBA floor sweeper salary may astonish many, floor cleaners perform a vital function. Because basketball is rough, many players fall to the ground while playing. Spills also occur.

There would be additional accidents if there weren’t sweepers on the stands prepared to head out and ensure everything stayed dry beforehand, throughout, and following a match. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does the typical NBA floor cleaner make?

In the United States, an NBA Floor Cleaner will earn a median income of $81,000 a year in 2022.

2. How much is the highest NBA floor sweeper income?

The NBA Floor Cleaner’s maximum salary is $110,000.

3. And what’s the lowest compensation for an NBA floor cleaner?

The lowest salary an NBA floor sweeper may receive is $38,000 annually.