What Are Red Strips At Taco Bell?

The Taco Bell Red Strips

What are red strips at taco bell? The Taco Bell Red Strips are served with a side of nacho cheese, but sometimes they may be found with sour cream or guacamole. The Taco Bell Red Strips have been made since 1995 and have gone through a few re-designs since then. One of the most notable changes came after the US FDA released the food and advertising regulations in 2006. The original Crunchy Red Strips were fried in oil, which is not compliant with this regulation change. 

Taco Bell revamped their recipe to use corn oil instead when frying all their foods to avoid any future risk of contaminating their deep fryers with fat or oil from other foods, which would be legally challenging for them as a restaurant company. Taco Bell has also added a spicy version of the Crunchy Red Strips and an extra-large version of the strips. The Taco Bell Crunchy Red Strips have been served since 1995 and re-designed several times since they first came out. 

Most recently, Taco Bell has revamped its Crunchy Red Strips to comply more with FDA regulations released in 2006. The original Crunchy Red Strips were fried in oil which is not compliant after this change. The taco bell red strips have been modified since then to use corn oil instead when frying all their foods to avoid contamination of their deep fryers with fat or oil from other foods.


What are red strips at taco bell? All these are unconfirmed as of yet. The ingredients for the red strips may be potatoes and flour/corn meal. Potato starch can also be used. The spices may include onion powder, garlic powder, cocoa powder, paprika, and baking soda. Other possible ingredients could include wheat flour and corn starch, though not likely for the small number of calories in the product (20-30) involved in this ingredient list. Tierney and Gross (2014) reported, “The Taco Bell red strips do not contain corn or wheat, but dairy. Therefore, although there is a source of dietary fiber in the product, it is not a significant source of fiber.”


Basic information:

It can be determined by already stated ingredients and how other products are fried at a similar level at the same restaurant. In the study by Tierney and Gross (2014), this product was found to contain less than 1 gram of dietary fiber per serving. Therefore, the amount of sodium, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories are not altered either. The serving size is 99 grams of the food. It is equivalent to a medium serving size of 837 grams with a caloric content of 479 calories per 100 grams, including 11% protein, 7% carbohydrates, and 61% total fat. The food is cooked in soybean oil.

Are Taco Bell red strips hot?

The red strips have a spiciness rating of 0 out of 10, where each “1” is the highest spiciness. There are no ingredients for heat, which can be determined by the serving size, sodium content, and how spicy it is in general. In Tierney and Gross’s (2014) study, this product was found by people to contain slightly less than a quarter of a teaspoon of sodium per serving. It has been said that the red strips are not spicy, but the company has not confirmed this as of yet. Tierney and Gross (2014) reported, “We could not determine from Taco Bell’s Web site whether there are any spices in or on the red strips. In other words, there is no ingredient list available.” As with all fast food restaurants, it is safe to assume that people in moderation should eat these due to their high fat and sodium content.

How to make Taco Bell red strips?

Red strips are not made from scratch and can be bought from many places, such as grocery stores. But if they are made from scratch, they must be deep fried in hot oil. Cook the red strips on a low heat setting and do not use high heat because this could damage the food. It is necessary to master how much oil is needed and how long it takes to fry each batch so that maintenance of the fryer is easy. Unfortunately, there are no written recipes for making these outside the standard frying procedure.

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1. Can I make red strips from scratch?

Many people make Taco Bell Red Strips from time to time using their spices and seasoning, but it can be difficult because there is no written recipe. Therefore, this version involves having an idea of how much oil it takes to fry the food properly. For example, it can be determined by the amount of oil it takes to deep fry a chicken breast or french fries; each batch needs a different amount of oil. So people can choose what type of food to use for testing and use that as the base for their recipe.

2. Are red strips expensive?

No. The price of red strips is reasonable for a fast food restaurant, and the quality is good. They not only taste good, but they also look delicious. It can be determined by how great the product looks (smell, texture, visual appeal), how it tastes and how much fat it has, which can help determine if it is delicious.

3. How are red strips sold?

Red strips are sold in a plastic bag like most other chicken nuggets or other fast food fried products found in grocery stores and supermarkets because they need to stay hot after being cooked since they are deep fried in oil.

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