Top Ten Low-Maintenance Pets for Adults or Kids

what is the easiest pet to take care of

Having low-maintenance pets is one of the most exciting things. It is a remarkable lifestyle change. Pets can be entertaining, but it can be quite challenging to have a pet if you are working. There are different pets with different specialties. Now you must be thinking, what is the easiest pet to take care of? Here is a list of low-maintenance pets that you can have. 

Owning a pet is extremely beneficial. Many people opt for pets like cats or dogs, whereas others choose low-maintenance pets and are a bit easy to take care of.

When you are a busy person, it becomes quite difficult to spend every waking moment taking care of the pet. 

What is the Low Maintenance Pet to Take Care of?

There are certain pets that need less attention or grooming. Many pets are cheaper and easy to maintain.

So if you are working or looking for a pet for your kid or have limitations in your apartment, then here is a list of some low-maintenance pets.

Budgie Bird

Budgie birds are majestic and beautiful creatures. They are one of the most popular pet animals after cats and dogs. They rank highest in the category of low-maintenance pets due to their size. Moreover, they do really well in their captivity. 

These cute little birds are inexpensive and easily available on the pet stores. The thing that makes the budgie bird most popular is that they have the ability to mimic human speech when they are trained properly. 

If you keep a budgie bird, you will have to spend more time with the little one. So, it is better to keep two budgie birds. It will help in solving the isolation issue. Their diet includes seeds that you can easily get from pet stores.

You can also feed them leafy greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, and seeds to keep them happy and healthy. 

African Dwarf Frog

African Dwarf frogs make a great companion to betta fish and other small, peaceful fish species. these frogs spend their love living underwater, however, they come on the surface sometimes to breathe.

These aquatic amphibians need a well-maintained aquarium as you will do for a fish. However remember these are not interactive pets, just provide them with a few companions and food every day.

So, simply provide your frogs with a few companions, and feed them every day with healthy diet.


Hamsters are one of the cutest pets that one can have and a perfect low-maintenance pet. They are like petite fur balls that can fit in your hand. They are fun-loving creatures, which will make you fall in love with them and come in different breeds and colors.

Some common hamsters include Dwarf Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters, and Chinese Hamsters. These rodents are nocturnal, and they become active when they are around kids. They can also keep you company if you work late at night. 

Hamsters are easy to take care of. All they need is fresh water and food every day. They also need something to play in.

You can easily get a hamster at the pet store, and you can keep them in cages. You can give them hamster wheels or toys to play with. It will keep them entertained. 


Mice have a bad reputation, but they are highly intelligent, and they love social interaction. The beautiful white mouse is the most famous variety.

They are different from their wild cousins, and they have the ability to be tamed, size, and other characteristics. You can easily train them, and they are quite loyal. 

Mice are easy to take care of. All they need is a cage, food and freshwater to live, and some toys. Their cages should be well cleaned and ventilated.

You can allow them to play on your carpet or couch, and they are incredibly cuddly if raised properly from a young age.

Though they can be fed on mice-food, you can also feed them fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind to avoid junk. 

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are another famous pet due to their affectionate and gentle behavior. They look like overgrown hamsters, but trust me; they are completely different.

Guinea pigs are lively personalities and highly active. Once you get familiar with them, you will get to know when they are happy, sad, mad, or excited.

You need to handle them gently, and they do not need too much attention. Guinea pigs can also feel lonely, so it is better to purchase them in a pair. 

They require a cage with enough space to play. You need to give them fresh food, water, and proper ventilation in order to keep them healthy and happy.

You can feed your guinea pigs food purchases from pet stores and can also give vegetables and fruits. 


Butterflies make a very educational and unusual choice of small pets for small kids.

You can bring a caterpillar of common species available in most pet shops around you and keep them in a tank with a proper living environment. your kids can watch them turn into beautiful butterflies after a few months.

The entire process takes up to 6 to 8 months of turning into a butterfly from a caterpillar.

The caterpillar feeds on common garden plants which makes them a cheaper and easier pet to keep with low maintenance and small life.

Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko is unique. Some lizards require a lot of care compared to others; therefore, before buying it, it is better to do proper research. 

One of the best and low-maintenance reptiles are Leopard geckos. They do not require too much attention. However, if you are planning to own one, make sure they are in the right terrarium.

They need a terrarium with a cool side, a heated side, and sufficient space to sleep, and they are good to go. Life expectancy of Leopard geckos is 10-20 years.


Guppies are the most famous and attractive fish. They have lovely, long flowing tails, spiking colors, and you can literally spend hours looking at them. 

Most guppies are tolerant of different varieties of water. You can raise them in a small-sized tank or a fishbowl.

They are peaceful and do good in community tanks. They live on general fish food, and you can also feed them frozen blood worms. 


Goldfish is another famous fish and one of the best low-maintenance small and easy pets. They are inexpensive and easily available in all the pet stores. There are different varieties of goldfish, and you can easily raise them in a fishbowl. 

Very few people know that a common fish can grow enormously and can reach a length of 2 feet. You can keep smaller varieties like Fancy goldfish in an average-sized bowl.

They are inexpensive and, but they are messy eaters, so you will have to put a filter in the tank to keep the water clean. 

Betta Fish

Not all fish are low maintenance fish, but there are some freshwater fish that are easy to take care of. Therefore, it is essential to choose a fish pet wisely.

Betta fish is one of the fishes that are low maintenance. It is easy to take care of them, all they need is food, a bowl, and water to swim in.

It is also a good idea to put some floating vegetation in the fishbowl to keep them entertained. Betta fish are unique and very beautiful.

However, it is not a good idea to keep bettas with other fishes as they fight with other males that are present in their space. 


Rabbits make interesting pets. Though rabbits need more attention, they are low maintenance as they do not need constant care like other pets. There are certain species of rabbits that do not need any care at all.

They are the best pet for individuals who can not be around all the time. 

There are different types of bunnies, and you can easily make them happy by giving hutch vegetables, freshwater, and some space.

They do not require too much human interaction, but they are so fluffy and cute, which makes it difficult not to play or interact with them. 


Turtles are cute, little, fascinating small animals and one of the best low-maintenance pets. You do not have to watch them all the time.

You can leave them alone, which makes them an ideal pet for people who can not be home all day.

Before bringing a turtle at home, it is better to do research on proper care as different varieties of turtles have different requirements. 


Dogs are not really low-maintenance pets. They require a lot of attention, proper care, love, and affection. But, if you want a cute little low-maintenance pet, then it is a good idea to bring a pug in your house. 

Pugs are one of the popular pets as they are social animals. They are one of the easiest and low-maintenance dog breeds to own. They have short hairs that do not require any trimming.

Moreover, it is enough to give them a walk of only 30 minutes a day. They can eat pellet food and will love playing tug of war or fetch with them is sufficient to keep them in shape.

The best part is that they are small in size, which makes them one of the best low-maintenance breeds in dogs.

Sea monkeys

Sea monkeys make great pets with very little upkeep and maintenance. This ideal low-maintenance pet can be purchased from any local pet store.

You can also get a sea monkeys kit from Argoswhihc comes with sea monkey eggs, a water purifier, a small tank, and their food.

you just have to feed the sea monkeys once a week and when they grow older start by feeding every one or two days until the sea monkeys have grown fully.

Also, sea monkeys are not a long-term commitment, as sea monkeys live only for up to a year.


Another favorite pet among people is cats. These cute, fluffy little animals are amazing house pets. They are big pets to own but require less work as compared to dogs. 

Now you might be thinking, how a cat could be a low-maintenance pet. There are certain cat breeds like British Shorthair and are easy to maintain.

These cats are easygoing and are not usually a lap cat; however, they stay close by. The best part is that they do not have long hair, so you need to brush them only once or twice a week.

There are many other cats creed to choose from depending on your preference.

Moreover, you do not need to take them to the groomer constantly. 


Not many people prefer to keep snails but these make the best pets and offer exactly what a low-maintenance pet owner wants. This small pet is easy to take care of even by small children and elder members of the family.

You can buy snail kits from any pet store and these come with tanks to keep them. snails feed on vegetable scraps discarded from the kitchen, which means no money spend on buying extra food.

Corn snake

People with a busy life like to own an easy pet which is why a corn snake makes the best companion. although these are not among popular animals to keep as house pets, if you are a reptile lover, do not miss out on these.

snakes are docile animals contrary to the popular belief of considering them terrifying. You may have to make an initial investment of buying a corn snake but the rest fall cheaper than other animals in long term. You just need to buy a tank and heat lamp for them to provide a precise environment.

Remember corn snakes are a long-term commitment, as their average lifespan is about 10-15 years.

Final Words

Whether you purchase a low-maintenance pet or not, all types of pets need attention, love, and care from their owners. When purchasing a pet, make sure to do proper research on the pet about what type of food they eat or the ideal terrarium condition.

If you like the above-mentioned information on what is the easiest pet to take care of, drop a comment.