Why Should You Watch Killing Stalking Anime?

Killing Stalking Anime

Want to know about the killing stalking anime release date? Killing stalking is an anime based on manga of the same name. Ga In illustrated the manga. The anime series has 12 episodes aired from July 30, 2018, to September 9, 2018, on Tokyo MX and MBS in Japan.

The story follows Yuki Hanzō, a high school student with a natural aptitude for geometry and visuals; however, he is also a latent killer who targets people with his building skills to cover up his tracks. It leads him to be part of the so-called “killing stalker duo” alongside Shun Moritsuka, who targets victims using probability calculations and statistics in sports matches or lottery numbers. 

Let’s learn more about the killing stalking anime release date and plot.

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Yoon Bum, a scrawny quiet, bullied high-schooler, has a crush on one of the most popular and handsome guys in school, Sangwoo. One day after being traumatized by an incident with bullies, he meets a strange girl named Ah Reum.

She saves him from his bullies and gives him the power to make anyone fall in love with him, causing his crush on Sangwoo to grow into obsession and attraction for Sangwoo… who is already in a relationship with Ah Reum. With her powers, he becomes the “Killing Stalker”, removing anyone he likes from Sangwoo’s life.

A fantasy webtoon written and illustrated by Kogi. The story is set in a fantasy world where all characters are human but possess supernatural powers to make or break relationships, even if they do not want them to happen.

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The story follows Yoon Bum as he becomes obsessed with Sangwoo, a popular guy in class. The story’s first half deals with Yoon getting his crush on Sangwoo and then going through the power relationship that comes with being in love. The second half of the series deals with Bum’s character arc and overcoming his obsession.

Two main characters who have their powers removed by other characters compete to find the person who took these powers from them. They both develop their relationships, and only one can keep the powers they have gained thus far throughout the story.

Will Killing Stalking Have an Anime Adaptation?

As of 2018, the series has not been confirmed to have a Japanese anime adaptation. However, it is rumored that Crunchyroll has been given the rights to subtitled and subbed episodes, with the possibility of an English dub. Yoon Bum is a quiet boy who was bullied at school.

One day he is saved by a girl named Ah Reum and learns she can take away anyone’s power over him. He realizes that he can now easily be with any girl he wants within his school and becomes obsessed with Sangwoo, a popular guy in class.

What is Killing Stalking about?

The story deals with Yoon Bum as he tries to make a relationship with Sangwoo, a popular guy in class. He eventually conquers his friends, who try to stop him. The story also deals with Yoon’s obsession and why he has such an intense crush on Sangwoo. He starts to remove people from his school and ends up causing many problems for himself and others, all because he is obsessed with Sangwoo.


Killing Stalking was a webtoon that was popular within the Korean community. While the series never saw a proper anime adaptation, there are several fan-made animations and generous translations of the original webtoon. The killing stalking anime release date was 2018. Check out the explanation and synopsis of the series here. Read the full interview from Kogi here (the interview is about 50 minutes long).