What to Expect When Getting Dentures


As common as dentures are, it is hard to know what the experience of getting them will be like until you’re wearing them. While it’s true that dentures aren’t all fun and games, especially when you’re just getting used to them, it’s also the case that the pros highly outweigh the cons. It also helps to understand what to expect before you try them out.

The Adjustment Period

Any prosthetic device requires some getting used to, and dentures are no different. Dentures provide an enormous benefit to both your appearance and your oral health, but they will likely take some time to become comfortable. When you first try out your dentures, the most likely reaction you could have includes the following:

  • Strange or Uncomfortable Feeling
  • Irritation
  • Increased Saliva Flow
  • Difficulty Speaking or Slurred Speech

How Long Will Your Adjustment Last?

The good news is that these side effects are only temporary. In most cases, those who try our dentures for the first time only take weeks to adjust. While your adjustment period may seem to pass slowly, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing and using your dentures with each passing day. Eventually, the discomfort of your adjustment period will go away altogether.

Getting Extra Support

Adjusting to dentures can be a frustrating experience, but it also comes with benefits. You’re not alone if you’re having trouble coping with your adjustment period. In most cases, people who get dentures are willing to accept going through an uncomfortable adjustment period since they are eager to enjoy the benefits that dentures bring.

However, some people who get dentures require extra support during this time. If you’re finding the adjustment period to be too great a challenge, you should be able to contact the oral health care clinic that supplied you with your dentures to ask for extra help and advice.

If you aren’t satisfied with the support you receive from your local denture clinic, you should seek out a better option in your area. For example, if you live in Manitoba, you can easily find denture clinics in Winnipeg that will help you with your adjustment period with the support you need to get used to wearing your new dentures.

How Different Types of Dentures Impact Your Adjustment Period

If you’re unfamiliar with dentures, it may surprise you that there are different types of dentures you can get, including:

  • Fixed Partial Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Complete Dentures
  • Dental Implants

As a general rule, the more complete the type of dentures you require – that is, the more of a replacement for your natural teeth that you need – the more of an adjustment you will experience. That said, in the case of dental implants, your dentures will be secured with more stability to your gums, which often results in a faster adjustment time.

While getting dentures may take some getting used to, it is critical to keep in mind that any initial discomfort you feel will only be temporary. Soon enough, you’ll adjust completely to your dentures. If you have additional questions about what to expect when getting dentures, get in touch with a local denture clinic to find out more.