Do you know who Nadine Caridi is?

Nadine Caridi

You may not recognise him by her name, but you probably remember his ex-husband, the well-known stockbroker and businesswoman Jordan Belfort. Model who turned doctor  nadine caridi lives in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, where her new name recognises her, “Dr. Nadine Macaluso.”

Because of Belfort’s criminal history, his lifestyle with Nadine Caridi has been scrutinised. Even though Caridi’s life was packed with scandals and parties, she avoided the spotlight and kept her living remarkably undamaged and smooth.

The ups and downs of Dr. Nadine Macalusu’s life are chronicled here in detail. Nadine’s life narrative began with her surviving, which now finds her in a secure position. Many ladies whose lives have become dreary following a divorce may find inspiration in her narrative.

Growing Up and Schooling:

On November 6, 1962, in London, England, Nadine Caridi entered the world. Her Italian-born father, Mario, moved to England. Her mother, Marry, was from Great Britain and Scotland. She comes from a regular middle-class background. After relocating to New York City, she went to John Dewey School, a public institution not far from where she lived. 

She graduated from the institution with a degree in higher education. Becoming a model was always nadine caridi aspiration. The Pacifica Graduate Institute was where she decided to get her master’s degree in clinical psychology. She went on to get a PhD in the same field in 2015.

Nadine Caridi has worked in various fields since she began her career.

She began her professional life at an early age, beginning with a career in modelling. The first job offer she received was to be a poster girl for Miller Lite, a famous beer brand. Because of her work, she gained a modicum of notoriety and was courted by several national campaigns, including those for Monday Night Football. She was not a successful model, but her relationship with Jordan Belfort propelled her to stardom.

After getting married to Jordan Belfort, Nadine Caridi decided to pursue a profession in psychology and therapy instead of continuing her modelling career. After divorcing her former husband, stockbroker Jordan Belfort, she pursued a clinical psychology profession.

She eventually became a family therapist and career counsellor at Manhattan Beach Community Counselling, where she had previously worked as an intern. She helps people in relationships, adults, and families overcome anxiety, trauma, and depression via counselling. Dr Nadine Macaluso is her current professional name after she wed John Macaluso.

Nadine Caridi’s personal life changed dramatically when she and her lover, Alan Wilzig, attended a party. Stock trader and entrepreneur Jordan Belfort threw this party. He cheated the market of millions of dollars by manipulating the company’s shares. He held this celebration to honour his good fortune in the stock market. He met Caridi at this party and fell in love with her on the spot.

Nadine Caridi’s attractiveness captivated Jordan Belfort to the point that he was willing to divorce his first wife, his high school love Denise Lombardo, to marry nadine caridi. In 1991, they were married in a beautiful Caribbean wedding. Carter and Chandler were the couple’s two offspring.

Their love affair lasted for 16 years. Jordan’s questionable business dealings, drug abuse, and extramarital relationships were frequent news topics during this time. He received a four-year jail term in 2003. However, due to his stellar behaviour, the U.S. authorities let him leave after he’d served a year and ten months. He was also accused of assaulting a family member. The pair eventually broke up as a result of all this.


After the divorce, John Macaluso, an ex-businessman and the current Wizard World CEO, was her second husband. John Macaluso was 22 years older than nadine caridi, but that never seemed to be an issue for them. Their ideal life together continues.  The value of his business venture is $8,000,000.

In the beginning of her career, Nadine worked as a model, but the pay was low. As a professional therapist and psychologist, she now makes a perfect living. It was reported that her ex-husband, Jordan Belfort, paid her a sizable sum of money as alimony because Jordan was worth more than $100 million when they split up.

At the moment, nadine caridi net worth is about $5 million. And she has most of her wealth because of her dedication and hard work.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a biographical film inspired by the real-life experiences of nadine caridi and Jordan Belfort. Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jordan Belfort in this film. Margot Robbie, an accomplished actress, played Nadine Caridi. The tale and events are the same, except Caridi’s character is not called by her name.

Nadine did not write reviews of the film The Wolf of Wall Street at its first release. However, after some time had passed, she uploaded a few videos to her TikTok account, where she discussed the film. She said the film accurately portrayed certain aspects of their lives but left out many others. She further said that Jordan Belfort plied her with costly presents to divert her attention from his aggressive and shadowy side.

Her hilarious personality made her a viral sensation on many social media platforms. As of the end of 2022, her Instagram account, which goes by the username @therealdrnadine, has amassed 45,100 followers. At the time of this writing, nadine caridi young has published 2,447 photos and videos on their Instagram account. According to my investigation, she shared inspiring stories about her life, travels, and triumphs. She also often posted challenges to test her mental prowess on her page.

She launched @TheRealDrNadine, a channel on YouTube, on December 17, 2015. As of December 2022, she had 1.2k members thanks to the information he or she had created on trauma bonding, psychology, and related topics.


  • Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, acquired a boat and christened it “Nadine” after the Duchess of Bay Ridge.
  • It’s not only “Hell’s Kitchen” where Nadine Caridi has made a television appearance.
  • The film “Casino” also features Nadine Caridi.
  • On September 25, 2021, at Kenoza Hall, New York, Caridi’s exes celebrated the wedding of their daughter, Chandler Belfort.
  • Nikki McTernan, her stepdaughter, is marketing for Etsy at the moment.
  • “The Real Dr. Nadine” is the name of Nadine Caridi’s channel on YouTube. Her abridged video on “how to leave a trauma bond” was seen by over 12,000 people.
  • She has also written an uplifting e-book to help individuals recover from the agony of past relationships.
  • There are numerous urban legends about Nadine; here, we’ve addressed some of the most often-asked questions concerning her and provided our best answers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does Nadine Caridi do now?

Nadine is a therapist and clinical psychologist in the United States right now.

How many kids is Nadine Caridi planning on having?

Nadine is expecting five kids. Chandler and Carter Belfort are her children with Jordan, her ex-husband. There was no kid born to her and John Macaluso. However, John Macaluso has three kids from a previous relationship.

Who is Nadine Caridi’s second husband?

Nadine’s second spouse is a man named John Macaluso. He left the business world and is now the chief executive officer of Wizard World. There is a $8 million market for the firm. There is no appearance by her in The Wolf of Wall Street. However, Margot Robbie portrayed her in the film.

Why Nadine Caridi left Jordan Belfort…

Nadine Caridi divorced Jordan Belfort the first time due to his criminal behaviour, domestic violence, and extramarital relationships. She had finally had it with his carefree lifestyle and dismissive demeanour. In 2005, they ended up living apart.


Nadine Caridi is a remarkable woman whose life shows how to find the good in the worst circumstances. She has turned her life around and begun to become independent despite her complicated relationship with her ex-husband, Jordan Belfort. She became involved in humanitarian efforts again while working in the entertainment sector.