Where is Shark Tank Filmed?

Where is Shark Tank Filmed

Where is shark tank filmed – Shark Tank is a famous TV show in the US about business. It started on ABC in August 2009 and has become very popular. The show is based on a Japanese show called Money Tigers and features entrepreneurs looking for investments and advice from experienced “sharks.”

After the show’s increased popularity, more and more people were curious about where the shark tank was filmed. Today, we will answer this question.

Shark Tank has been conducted in California at Sony Pictures Studios for most of its seasons. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions, changes were made so that the show could still be produced safely. These changes affected moving the filming location and adding extra safety measures.

To ensure the safety of everyone during the season of 2020, Shark Tank was conducted in a particular area called Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort. This was done to follow the necessary precautions. 

Even in the 13th season of Shark Tank was conducted in October 2021, the show remained in Las Vegas, showing how it has adjusted due to the pandemic. Despite these changes, Shark Tank still offers its audience valuable entertainment and business advice.

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Where is Shark Tank filmed?

Sony Pictures Studios: At first, Shark Tank was recorded in Culver City, Los Angeles, California, at Sony Pictures Studios. This studio has been the show’s primary filming location for several seasons, giving a stable and familiar setting. Sony Pictures Studios is well-known for hosting various movies and TV shows and has a presence in the entertainment industry.

The Venetian Resort:

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the show Shark Tank had to make changes to keep everyone safe. They moved the filming location to Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort. This place created a protected environment, like a bubble, where the shark tank cast and crew stayed throughout the production. This helped reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus.

Warner Bros Studios:

Shark Tank was recorded at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, California, during certain seasons. This place offered a different backdrop from the Venetian Resort and Sony Pictures Studios, but it still had the same high-quality production and vibe that the show is famous for.

Shark Tank has done an excellent job adjusting to different filming places while maintaining its primary purpose. It continues to be a platform where entrepreneurs can present their ideas to investors.

Covid-19 impact on Filming:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected how TV shows are filmed, including Shark Tank. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and strict rules prove it impossible to keep filming in its regular place in Culver City, California.

Shark Tank moved its filming location to The Venetian in Las Vegas for the 12th season to ensure the crew’s safety and the shark tank cast. Las Vegas and Nevada were less affected by the virus when compared to Los Angeles, which makes it a better choice during COVID-19.

It needed more planning and crews to make sure the safety of everyone amid COVID. So, a special production bubble was created at the Las Vegas at Venetian Resort to protect everyone during the pandemic.

Even after the challenges posed by the safety protocols and new location of filming, the crew and shark tank cast were able to adjust and keep working. They continued to provide opportunities and entertainment for entrepreneurs, even in these difficult times. This shows how the television industry can overcome difficulties with stability and adaptability.

Shark Tank Production:

Crew and Set:

The crew of Shark Tank works hard to make the show happen. They film it at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, specifically on Stage 24. This stage is a special place where entrepreneurs can present their ideas for business to a group of investors called “Sharks.” The crew members take great care to keep the set clean and ensure everything goes well during Filming.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show’s filming location changed to Las Vegas, California for a while. The Shark Tank was recorded there while following important safety rules. The crew had to adjust to the new place and take extra steps to keep everyone safe during the production.


Making Shark Tank is a complicated process that involves more than just the set and crew. Many people are working to make it happen. These team members search for entrepreneurs, help them get ready for their appearance on camera, and take care of different tasks during the editing and finalizing. They review them closely, select only a few people with interesting shark tank products and show great potential for success.


Before Filming starts, the entrepreneurs get special training on presenting their ideas and handling the pressure of being on the show.


After recording an episode, the team of post-production takes over. They edit and refine the footage, making it ready to be shown on TV.

Over time, Shark Tank has become a very important platform for entrepreneurs. It allows them to present their services and shark tank products, get noticed, and receive financial support from experienced investors on the show. The show’s success is greatly influenced by the hardworking and talented production team that ensures every episode is well-made and interesting.

The Sharks Panel

In the series is a group of accomplished entrepreneurs called “Sharks.” The panel of main Sharks include: 

Barbara Corcoran: Barbara is a very successful person in real estate. She started a small real estate business and turned it into a big success called The Corcoran Group.

Mark Cuban: Mark is an investor and entrepreneur billionaire in the technology industry. He is famous for owning the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and invests in many technologies in the show’s business.

Lori Greiner: Lori is called the “Queen of QVC.” She is known for being an entrepreneur, inventor, and TV personality. She has a talent for spotting shark tank products.

Daymond John: Daymond is the creator and CEO of FUBU, a well-known brand. He has a lot of experience in branding and fashion, which allows him to provide valuable advice to shows and entrepreneurs.

Robert Herjavec: Robert is an entrepreneur, writer, and cybersecurity specialist. He started the Herjavec Group, a top cybersecurity company in the world.

Kevin O’Leary: Kevin is also known as “Mr. Wonderful.” He is an investor, businessman, and TV personality from Canada. He is good at calculating the investment profit opportunities on the show.

Shark Tank Pitches And Deals:

Getting Investments:

Shark Tank is a TV show which is very famous where entrepreneurs present their ideas of business to a group of rich investors called “Sharks.” The show is usually conducted in California at Sony Pictures Studios, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was filmed in Las Vegas. Moreover, the pitches are recorded several months or over a year before the episodes are broadcasted.


In Shark Tank, the Sharks listen to the entrepreneurs’ pitches and make decisions about investing. They consider things like how good the product or service is, how much money they can make, and how much of the company they can own. The investments can be very different from one another. Some deals may be small, with just a few thousand dollars for a small part of the company. Other deals can be much bigger, reaching millions for a big part of the company.

Some Questions

Where is Shark Tank filmed?

Shark Tank is conducted in California at Sony Pictures Studios. The show is filmed on Stage 24, a soundstage at the studio. The stage has been designed to accommodate the show’s unique set, including the iconic “Shark Tank”, where the entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the investors.

Has Shark Tank ever been filmed anywhere else?

Yes, Shark Tank was filmed in Las Vegas during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 12th season of the show was filmed at The Venetian resort, which had the necessary safety protocols in place to allow for production during the pandemic.

Where else is Shark Tank franchised?

Shark Tank has been franchised in over 27 countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, and India. The show is produced in each country according to the local culture and regulations.