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ysl black opium

ysl black opium – The perfume was released in 2013 as an atmospheric gothic fragrance reminiscent of the dark and sensual perfumes of the late 1800s. It has top notes of blackberry and blue angelica. The opening is warm with a woody dry-down with a sweet mandarin-orange blossom heart.

 Finally, the base of the ysl black opium consists mainly of sandalwood, vanilla and labdanum, and other essences like incense and lilies to produce a rich scent that’s both addictive and daring. The perfume blends dark, sensual, spicy notes that draw attention with its bold, daring style. The perfume has been released in minimal quantities and is available online only. It’s packaged in a sexy-looking black lacquered case with red detailing. 

The bottle of ysl black opium itself has been decked in golden and silver studs, making it a fashion accessory as much as it is a high-quality perfume. It is one of the few YSL products available online only, so if you want to try something new that’s both daring and bold, Ysl Black Opium is a good choice. Here is everything you should know about ysl black opium 

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What is Ysl Black Opium

The perfume was inspired by the Chinese opium dens, where men and women from that time spent evenings reveling in a carefree lifestyle. These were places of refuge for people who wanted to get away from everything and everyone for a little while. The opium dens were dark, smoky, creative spaces where artists could debate about anything and everything under the influence of the drug. Unlike earlier perfumes inspired by nature or serenity, this perfume is bolder with influences from the wild side of life.

A strong coffee scent is present from the start, which lingers on for a long time and makes the perfume more sensual and luxurious.

The perfume has been inspired mainly by the scent of jasmine, which grows in Morocco in abundance and is used to produce this distinctive perfume. The jasmine flower surrounds you with a sweet, powdery scent that resembles vanilla.

The YSL Black Opium Dossier.Perfumer Jacques Cavallier has created Co fragrance. It was released as a limited edition product in 2013 along with other fragrances like Mon Paris and My Burberry. The perfume has been available as a product for purchase online only.

The perfume packaging is one thing you should know about the ysl black opium – the packaging has been designed to be both stylish and sexy simultaneously. It features a black lacquered case with red detailing and a gorgeous leather wrapping inside wrapped around the bottle itself to complete the package. 

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Who Should Wear Ysl Black Opium

Ysl Black Opium is a mature perfume for women over 30. It’s not incredibly strong, so both men and women can wear it. 

Why should you buy Ysl Black Opium Dossier?

If you’re looking for a rich, warm and alluring perfume, this is the right one. It’s not as mainstream or popular as other YSL fragrances, so it makes a statement without being too loud. The scent of ysl black opium itself is evocative of its time and is inspired by the opium dens of 19th century China and the wild side of life. Overall, it’s a perfume that is evocative of those times and is different from the fresh, fabulous scents that are more popular among young people today. 

The perfume has a strong scent when it’s first sprayed but then mellows down to a more calming and balanced smell. The scent lingers on for hours after you spray it on your skin, which is one of its most appealing features. Just as the old opium dens were popular because they could give you a break from your everyday routine, this perfume can be used in much the same way. 

How does the Ysl Black Opium smell?

The scent of ysl black opium is described as a sexy, sensual perfume full of sensuality and boldness. The perfume has a sweet gourmand scent with herbal and floral undertones. However, it’s not overly sweet like other perfumes and doesn’t have the harsh or too strong notes that some people may dislike. The ysl black opium has top notes of blackberry and blue angelica. As you move through the scent, you’ll notice the coffee note at first, which is warm but also light and smooth at the same time. These are quickly followed by vanilla, incense, rosewood, patchouli, and ambergris.

Other variants:

Ysl Black Opium Burberry – another popular alternative to the original Ysl Black Opium fragrance was released in 2014 in collaboration with Burberry to mark their partnership by releasing an exclusive fragrance called Ysl Black Opium Burberry enhanced the popularity of this perfume even more. 

The two scents were in stock in select markets and have been an enormous success all over the globe. Unfortunately, the popularity of the perfume was so immense that the product was sold out immediately, and the stock ran out within just a month of its release date. 

Ysl Black Opium Noir Exquise – this fragrance has been released in limited quantities, and the perfume for men is also trendy after it became famous following the release of Ysl Black Opium in 2014 as an offering for female consumers who wanted to try something new after trying out Ysl Black Opium itself.

Ingredients of ysl black opium

The black opium dossier’s ingredients have been kept secret, but it’s known that some of the ingredients used are bergamot, coffee, blue angelica, jasmine, and patchouli. 

The fragrance has a woody scent that’s fresh and light, and the scent is more herbal than floral. The warm feeling from this perfume is refreshing and sensual in equal measures.

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Is the best fragrance for men

This perfume is unisex; both men and women can wear it. However, if you’re looking for a perfume with solid and masculine notes, you should go with it. 

Is it suitable for all skin types?

It’s available for both men and women and is suitable for all skin types. There are no particular ingredients in the perfume that would keep you from using it if you have a particular skin type. 

Is it worth the money?

The ysl black opium has a lovely smell that lasts on your skin for hours after application, which is its main selling point. It’s also a very sensual perfume and can give you an escape from your day-to-day life when you spray it on your clothes, hair, or skin.

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