Tips For World of Warcraft beginners

warcraft beginners

 Whether you are new to the world of Warcraft or trying to hone your gaming skills, here are some handy tips to start your journey as a daring Horde champion.

Crafting Characters

This is an extremely important step before you begin playing World of Warcraft. Take your time when you craft the characters. You can also get a world of warcraft character boost for an ultimate playing experience. 

Decide the fraction, race, and class you fancy playing. Faction impacts whether you will play as Alliance or horde, and race decides where your adventure will begin and what you will look like. 

Different race characters have different capabilities and unique bonus skills. For example, dwarves gave Stoneform ability which makes them immune to poisons, bleeds, and disease and increases armor. 

Picking a class has a huge impact on the game. Ascertain classes perform better in different situations; it will take some trial and error to find the most suitable class for you.

Pick A Realm

Choosing your realm as you begin the game seems very thrilling but is also an important decision to make. It can make a huge difference in your overall gaming experience. You need to choose between four different types: normal, PVP, RP, and RP PVP. 

If you wish to experience the WOW at your own place with only the danger of Azeroth, then the Normal realm will be your thing. However, if you wish to consider a true Classic experience with tough drawn-out battles hiding from Hardie trying to hunt you down, then PVP is right for you. RP is a normal realm with role-playing, while RP PVP offers a player vs. player environment.

Read Quest text

In WOW, like many other RPGs, the objective of the quest you are on is displayed on the screen, and there is also a minimap for the area where you need to hunt for the enemy. This way, you will not waste any time exploring unnecessary places, and you can look up the quest online for help in case you are really lost. 

Save Your Gold

It is easy to run around and spend gold on every item and ability you see in the game; however, gold is scarce in World of Warcraft. Big purchases are extremely expensive, and you will need to buy the amount when you hit level 40. This is when players are not left with any gold lying around. 

Play smart and buy abilities from trainers, loot every single enemy you kill, and do not spend a lot of money buying gear that you can receive as a reward in the quest. 

Don’t Go Alone

One of the reasons why players love playing World of Warcraft is for the increased sense of community and comradery. Interacting with other players is necessary at all stages of this game. There are so many quests that cannot be completed alone unless you have someone helping online; you will end in the chat zone for help.

The game feels more alive than other modern counterparts and will take you in for the most beautiful gaming experience. 

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